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How much does your PhD university count?

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I am a student in theoretical/fundamental physics that finished his masters couple of weeks ago. I'm still looking for a PhD starting asap. I am quite interested in an opened position at a UK top 10-15 university, the project seems interesting enough to invest 3 years in it. But I have some doubts regarding the reputation of this university (which I prefer not to reveal). The place seems nice, I am just afraid about how much it will count after my thesis graduation in my applications for postdoc (I know it shouldn't really me my problem now). I am totally unfamiliar with the mechanics of selection for postdocs, but how would weight the importance of the published works, the reputation of the supervisor and the reputation of the university?

I am afraid this question may be really large and depend on the field. My concern is that by accepting this position, it may close doors of top-ranked places (which I'd like to have an experience of) forever.

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Quite a lot initially, but after you have several years of work experience, those will count much more.
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I am going to disagree with Halls. What matters, in order, even for your first postdoc, is

  1. What you've done
  2. What your advisor has done
  3. What your university has done

Now, #2 is influenced by #3, as good universities become that way by hiring good faculty, but the direct impact is useful only as a "tie-breaker".

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