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How old are you, physically or mentally?

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    I sometimes think about how mature/grown-up we are, that we could have two different ages, physically and mentally. We may be 30 years old physically, but 12 mentally? That means just because someone is 50 years old, doesn't mean their mind has grown up with their body at the same rate. I have come across some people, whom I think their mind never grew up any further than age 2 or 3, and they don't even notice it or know it!
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    I haven't changed mentally/emotionally since age 25. I still love listening to new alternative bands, and am young at heart. Still love to get silly with people I am close to.

    Physically, <groan>.
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    People say that I look physically 16 and mentally 40... Or is it vise versa? :P

    Real talk: neither :biggrin:
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    It is not possible to answer that and there is no relation between physical and mental age. Physical is natural while mental/emotional requires diverse expierences. Someone might have a child at 17 thus understands more what is like to have a child than someone without child at 30. Or, someone might be raised in diverse culture and thus have greater understanding of diversity than other people. While, some other person could have lost parents at younger age thus ability to live by him/her self came bit earlier.. etc. I am trying to say that mental age is just about expierences. More you live more world/people you see so you never stop growing/learning new things. There is no way to put some scale on it because different people have different lives, see different things at different times of their lives ... and it is also about the times they lived.
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    Physically I'm 28. Mentally I'm about 12. The first number goes up each year, the second goes down :).
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    physically about 25 mentally im 10,000,000 years old.
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    Wow, that's exactly how I was 10,000,012 year ago!
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    I'm physically 25 and mentally 1LL in a duovigintedecimal number system.
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    how do you define mentally 2 and 20?
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