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How relevant is the Feynman's Lectures on Physics?

  1. Jul 29, 2014 #1
    Hi,so I've just started reading the Feynman's Lectures on Physics on my own recently.By the end of chapter 2, volume 1, it says "This then, is the horrible condition of our physics today.To summarise it, I would say this:eek:utside the nucleus, we seem to know all; inside it,quantum mechanics is valid--the principles of quantum mechanics have not been found to fail......but we really do not know how far we have yet to go in this task.". Here I can't help but keep wondering how many things we STILL do not know as time progressed since Feynman said it. I know the FLP was first published many years ago(i don't know when) and things may have changed since then.Do they modify the FLP according to our new knowledge or do they keep FLP untouched just like the first copy?Can anyone tell me please?:confused:

    PS: pardon my poor english, i am not a native english speaker
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    thanks for your reply!
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