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Why Are the Feynman Lectures so Good?

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    I know this is an odd topic. The Feynman Lectures seem to be universally acknowledged as a great way to learn and grasp some of the simplest and most difficult concepts in physics. I am almost done the first volume and I really am enjoying the lectures. The odd thing is, I can't put my finger on why they are so good. I am already familiar with most of the topics in the first volume and yet I enjoy the lectures on even topics that I know very well. The best way I can describe it, is that the lectures have a refreshing perspective. What are some of the reasons you think the Feynman Lectures are loved by so many. ("Loved" isn't the best word, but it will do).
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    He put a lot of effort in explaining everything in the simplest possible terms without being misleading. He was possibly the best at that.
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    Feynmann usually did not lecture on most difficult concepts in physics (although it may seem so to most general public). However, that person had a way with his words. His greatest ability was to describe a phenomenon with most proper word of choice to cause minimum confusion. Also, he lectured through examples and avoided use of mathematics as much as possible (in my opinion).

    The most difficult public lecture he had given is the The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures. And I'm sure even if he tried his best to make the subject understandable to the audience, many of them either misunderstood or developed some misconception based on wrong interpretation.
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