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How Rosie the Chihuahua Overcame the Horrors of Backyard Breeding

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    Poor Rosie. People that do these things should be locked up for life.

    Heart breaking.

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    Jesus Christ. And people wonder why I have such hatred towards humans. I hope that poor dog is taken care of.
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    But then again "It's people like Cinnamon Muhlbauer and pups like Rosie that make [one] believe in the goodness and caring spirit in our world. " :approve:
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    At least once a day I tell Duke "I am so glad you are not a human!" He is so empathetic and clingy - not unexpected, since he was abandoned. I hope Rosie makes a full recovery. All dogs deserve a decent life - hers apparently started out quite poorly, so she will need a caregiver who can cope.
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    Do you really feel this way because of minor crimes like this (in the grand scheme of things)? Are you really going to generalize all humans?
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    Who are you to tell me what is a minor crime in the "grand scheme of things"? I consider this to a heinous crime. I can't understand people who think human lives are worth more than the lives of other animals, it's depressing to think such mentality is so pervasive.
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    I think most likely the person responsible is mentally ill. They would probably claim they love animals and care about them, and they probably do.

    My wife has had many social service jobs, so I hear stories about low functioning families quite often. A common theme is hording, hording animals and neglecting the animals (as well as the kids). This isnt done for profit or maliciousness, its done because they are mentally ill.
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    I know Rosie has been through so much, but she still has the cutest nose ever.
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