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How to add additional channel for analog TV (Local Community Channel)

  1. Apr 5, 2009 #1
    Hi all,

    My name is michael. I am currently working in a project which is involving the broadcasting of a local community channel. My background is Computer Science engineer, and I somehow is not too good in this particular things. Hope any of you could give me an idea to solve this out.

    So, the brief problem is like this :
    There is a rural community that wants to make a local channel. The problem is that they are all using a same television, however they are not capable of getting any channel (from the main broadcast in the town) . So, they asked me to help them, setting up a local channel for their tv. However they do not want other village (other community) to watch their local channel (it is a matter of privacy they said).

    The idea that came to my mind is that by adding a particular device (tapping?) on each of the villager's antenna, that acts as a specific receiver. And I also need an analog device to broadcast the channel to their antenna.

    Does any of you have an idea, how to make an analog blackbox(or how to tap or what device that I could use) so that it acts as a local transmitter and receiver for the analog television (just for the local community, and the other community could not get the channel)?


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    analog is dead in june in the USA
    but there is low = power tv channels that have a very short range
    basic idea is less power less range

    there also was a lower power coded system that was used
    to have a cable like multi channel pay tv system
    that used a dish type antenna and was basicly line of sight

    problem is how far you want your signal to go and how much cost for a box
    to decode it
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