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Job Skills How to become a Research Assistant in Biology?

  1. May 18, 2017 #1
    Since my previous thread was rudely closed by Mark44 I am opening a similar themed thread. Did I miss a rule or are people just not allowed to ask for thoughts here?

    I have a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and one year of research experience. I'm trying to get a PAID research position at one of the companies in my local vicinity. I am now working as a Lab Technician in [edited by mod] which I am very proud. However I would like to achieve even more than this and I believe I am capable of much more. I like science and I like molecular biology in particular. I'm hoping to use my Lab Technician job to network into a better job as a Research Assistant or Technician or something in the Seattle area. Possibly Fred Hutch but anything sciencey is good enough for me.

    Does this kind of jump sound logical or am I missing a beat here?
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    You need to know how to focus what you look for. This means reading job-recruitment advertisements for the titles of the positions you believe you want, and actually APPLY for those you believe you are either INTERESTED in, or are qualified in. The interviews you attend will help you understand the positions which the employer is trying to fill. Also, learn how to check for companies which might use people like you. Ask the company if it may have a use or need for a laboratory or some other such scientific person to do whatever work. Sometimes this inspires an interview invite, but not always because of any need to fill a position.
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    I appreciate your advice thank you.
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