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How to Become MATLAB Expert Quickly

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    Yes. I realize that time and use are probably the only real ways to become an expert, but...
    I foresee a need to learn MATLAB rather quickly. I know some basics of programming and I have some experience with MATLAB. I feel like the best way to advance my knowledge to the next level is to try to make something with MATLAB. But I am not so good at coming up with project ideas that would make use of some of the more advanced features since I am not well acclimated with those features.

    I would really like to make use of the object oriented capabilities of MATLAB. The main issue is that I have never used OO before and so I don't think like that. Everything I have done has been procedural in nature so I am not sure what kind of project I could do that would make use of all that goodness.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! :smile:
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    Try doing a simple simulation like a thrown baseball without air resistance or spin and then add these into your simulation and draw some charts.

    Check amazon there are several books on matlab too.
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    Have you already finished this project you were starting 3 days ago?
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    Hi AlphaZero :smile: They are not mutually exclusive. The CFD thread was also a 'request for ideas'. I have books and I am currently working them from cover to cover...but I feel like I could be a little more proactive about the learning process by finding something a little more 'exciting' to work on than text exercises alone. Any thoughts on a good project would be nice.

    See the other thread for one idea I have.
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