How to build Line Following Robot

  1. hi !
    i want to build a LFR but i dnt know where to start from.....cud u plz help me in getting the proper guidance.i need proper circuit diagram for building it is my final year project n hav to submit in less than 10 days..........
    i want to a microcontroller,ULN2803,IR sENSORS etc................nw plz help......
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    Sounds to me like you put off your final project until the last minute, and now want us to fix it for you. Sorry to say, but I doubt you're going to make it in 10 days. How long have you known about this assignment?
  4. hey harleen....
    i am Dev...a 2nd yr electronics student....working on line follower project...
    could u help selecting d microcontroller and motor driver..???
  5. alxm

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    How are you two going to build robots when you can't even form correct sentences? Jeez.
  6. hey alxm,
    interpretation of meanings of short sentences is not everyone's cup of tea and my dear, you are one of them. (no offence)
    my advice : being precise and concise save time and energy.
    learn what matters where!
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