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Design–build (or design/build, and abbreviated D–B or D/B accordingly) is a project delivery system used in the construction industry. It is a method to deliver a project in which the design and construction services are contracted by a single entity known as the design–builder or design–build contractor. It can be subdivided into architect-led design–build (ALDB, sometimes known as designer-led design–build) and contractor-led design–build.
In contrast to "design–bid–build" (or "design–tender"), design–build relies on a single point of responsibility contract and is used to minimize risks for the project owner and to reduce the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of a project.
Design-build also has a single point responsibility. The design-build contractor is responsible for all work on the project, so the client can seek legal remedies for any fault from one party.The traditional approach for construction projects consists of the appointment of a designer on one side, and the appointment of a contractor on the other side. The design–build procurement route changes the traditional sequence of work. It answers the client's wishes for a single point of responsibility in an attempt to reduce risks and overall costs. It is now commonly used in many countries and forms of contracts are widely available.
Design–build is sometimes compared to the "master builder" approach, one of the oldest forms of construction procedure. Comparing design–build to the traditional method of procurement, the authors of Design-build Contracting Handbook noted that: “from a historical perspective the so-called traditional approach is actually a very recent concept, only being in use approximately 150 years. In contrast, the design–build concept—also known as the "master builder" concept—has been reported as being in use for over four millennia."Although the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) takes the position that design–build can be led by a contractor, a designer, a developer or a joint venture, as long as a design–build entity holds a single contract for both design and construction, some architects have suggested that architect-led design–build is a specific approach to design–build.
Design-build plays an important role in pedagogy, both at universities and in independently organised events such as Rural Studio or ArchiCamp.

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  1. benswitala

    Can I build an SSTO spaceplane if I win the lottery?

    Hi, As I was swimming laps at my local swimming pool today, it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to start playing the lottery. If I won the lottery, maybe I could fund an effort to make a small SSTO spaceplane. What is your opinion? Is it possible? I would try to make it as small...
  2. C

    Is it possible to build a low-voltage Thompson jumping ring apparatus?

    Hi all, I'm attempting to build a jumping ring apparatus (a core of iron with the bottom wrapped with wiring like an electromagnet, so that when a metal ring is placed on top of the coil and a current is run through the coil, the ring jumps up into the air). Looking on the internet, I'm seeing a...
  3. shivajikobardan

    How to build this using CSS Grid?

    I built these using CSS Grids very easily. Source: https://www.quackit.com/css/grid/tutorial/create_a_website_layout.cfm But the first one is different and requires different logic. I can't use grid-template-areas there for whole grid. This is my code for the last layout(I've to edit height...
  4. redirmigician

    I Can surface plasmons be used to build GeV gamma-ray lasers?

    I read a paper about coherent surface plasmon amplification by free electron pumping in an article a few days ago. It seems to work as some kind of free electron laser-like light source, and I wonder how high the energy of photons can go in this way. Also I read in another paper about...
  5. M

    Let's build a quantum radio receiver

    Homework Statement:: I would like to write a science fiction story on how alien quantum communication could work and how scientist on Earth build the first "radio" receiver, entangling Quantums over big distances randomly. Relevant Equations...
  6. M

    Construction How do you build a self-submersible boat?

    So I've been thinking for a long time now about making a self-submersible boat out of a plastic bottle without electronics. It should resurface by itself after a few minutes. I was thinking that it might increase its volume. By slowly dropping weights down the bottle and opening flaps on the...
  7. R

    How difficult will it be to build a 'hybrid' Jet engine?

    Hi, Here is a question - somewhat futuristic and at the moment, hypothetical. How difficult will it be to build a 'hybrid' Jet (turbofan) engine? The engine should be able to handle both Kerosene and (gaseous) Hydrogen as fuel. After burning the kerosene for a while, Hydrogen will take over as...
  8. kingofjong

    Looking for a manufacturer to build a custom compound bow for me

    Hello I am looking for a manufacturer or mechanic that can build my custom compound bow. It doesn't have to be a big business. I would appreciate any help. Thank you
  9. shivajikobardan

    MHB What logic is used to build context free grammar for L= a^m b^n; m>n

    I have the solution but I am unable to decode the solution, how did we come up here? can you tell me that?
  10. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci How to build logic to make context free grammar?

    I already have the solution. I also have another solution for this-: S->AB A->aA/a B->ab/aBb But my issue is I am memorizing them, I am not understanding how this came up. Please explain the logic building behind this.
  11. AJSayad

    Grad School Flow Simulation PC Build

    Hey everyone, I'm coming to the end of my Mechanical Engineering B.S. degree and I've been in the process of applying to mechanical and aerospace PhD programs. I want to do research in fluid mechanics; I have some expereience in hypersonics from a Research Expereince for Undergraduates NSF...
  12. KyleGranger

    Best high performance computer build for finite element simulations

    I want to build a high performance computer optimized for FEA. If anyone has any suggestions or experience with this, please chime in. I'm looking for suggestions on processors, RAM, video card, ALL of it!
  13. M

    The Potential of Sci-Fi Weapons: Could We Build Them?

    What do we think re the most powerful sci-fi weapons are that we could realistically envision becoming reality one day. I am wondering if we will ever be able to build anything more powerful than matter / anti-matter explosions like Star Trek's Torpedo's.
  14. A

    B Electrostatic charge build up in environmental electron microscopy

    Hello, If I understand it correctly, the samples are grounded inside a scanning electron microscope (SEM) to avoid charge build up through the electron beam. Also the non-conductive are coated with a conductive layer, so they can be grounded as well. However, I do not know how the charge build...
  15. crudux_cruo

    B Confusion while trying to build intuition of centripetal force

    As I understand it, when a body undergoes uniform circular motion its velocity does not change in magnitude but instead direction. This change in velocity, or acceleration, is directed inward towards the center of the circle. If a body was not experiencing a net centripetal acceleration, then...
  16. VictorMedvil

    How Do You Build A Quantum Computer?

    So I have heard that IBM and Google have constructed Quantum computers, how does one actually construct a Quantum computer? I would like as much detail as possible on the construction of one of these devices and how it works exactly, I wanted to buy a Spin Q Quantum computer and I understand how...
  17. M

    Build a surface normal vector (I use Mathematica)

    Not HW, but seems to fit here. I compute $$n.S = \frac{(-1+\cos(c s))}{c^2} \sin(c s) \neq 0$$ I use the following in Mathematica: r[s_, \[Alpha]_] := Sin[Cos[\[Alpha]] s]/Cos[\[Alpha]] z[s_, \[Alpha]_] := (1 - Cos[Cos[\[Alpha]] s])/Cos[\[Alpha]] x[s_, \[CurlyPhi]_, \[Alpha]_] := r[s...
  18. NTL2009

    Computer Build a portable (laptop-like) computer?

    I only need it to be portable, not sleek and slim. I'm frustrated trying to find a laptop with the combination of features I want, and dislike being stuck with those choices for its life. I'm thinking of buying one of those Intel NUC boxes (...
  19. theycallmevirgo

    Is it better to buy a bench PSU, or build one?

    Building a PSU is one of the few "academic" projects I'm willing to consider. I don't see it taking me too long, and I can probably make something nice to look at. However, I may consider buying one at the $300-$500 pricepoint if I'm convinced that there are major advantages. Thoughts?
  20. J

    Electrical Build or Buy a Van de Graaff generator?

    Wonder how much skill is needed?
  21. Y

    Help with a build error in Visual Studio

    This is a very simple program about Class with Inventory.h, Inventory.cpp and source.cpp. I reduced to very simple just displaying two message and it just won't build. It gave me error message I don't follow even after reading the error code online. I follow the example and syntax from the book...
  22. Redmagic

    Physicists build Graphene Thermodynamic Battery

    I read an article in Science Daily 'Physicists build circuit that generates clean, limitless power from graphene'. Can someone explain how to take this from the physics science experiment to the engineering prototype and implementation stage? Is this technology going to revolutionize the mobile...
  23. D

    Optical Build a ballast for an Osram Hg-Cd/10 spectral lamp

    I am looking for a layout for a ballast for driving an Osram Hg-Cd/10 spectral lamp: https://www.osram.de/ecat/Spektroskopie-Lampen-Entladungslampen-Industrie-Spezialbeleuchtung/de/de/GPS01_1028364/PP_EUROPE_DE_eCat/ZMP_56382/ Thank you! Florian
  24. B

    Why doesn't Elon Musk build his Hyperloop tunnels in our canals?

    In England we have canal's that have being dug in the straightest line between 2 points to a standard deep Mister Musk has the boring company to build tunnel's why does he buy the canal's in England and cover them so he can prove his hyperloop cheaper than constant drilling?
  25. P

    How would you build a solar stove that works at night & the next morning?

    Hey everyone, I just came across a competition that was run nearly 10 years ago and I was just wondering if anyone here has any interesting ideas on how it could be done. These were the criteria: Store 4kWhr for 18 hours. Temperature for cooking at least 200C. Powered by sunlight. Locally...
  26. U

    Build a pressurized container to infuse herbs

    First off I would like to thank anyone and everyone that reads and or contributes any guidance to my problem. I want to build a pressurized container that can hold 10lbs of an herb, ex. mint , so I can infuse it with a flavor, ex. vanilla. I have the infusion process worked out. I just need...
  27. S

    Is it possible to build a laser from a light bulb?

    In my drawing you can see: A generic bulb covered by a mirrored hollow ball. The hollow ball has a small hole (1 mm diameter). So the complete light will go through this small hole. The lens will bundle the light in a very distant (100 km) focal point. I guess it might be hard to create such a...
  28. L

    B Does a rubber mat on a device prevent static build up

    Does a rubber mat on a device prevent static build up and discharge on a metal device well using it
  29. J

    Quantum Journal on hardware used to build quantum computers?

    Hi folks, This time is not a book, I would like to know if exists a journal explaining how a qubit is actually built, I mean the hardware not the theory. Indeed I am interested in any hardware related with these technologies. I know this field is still in an early stage and they are still...
  30. WAAAGH

    A How to build a qubit (theoretically)?

    And I was asked to include the deviation and the inherent process of the effective Hamiltonian of the charge qubit and the equation as well. And some of the derivation of the Hamiltonian as well. P.S The effective Hamiltonian formula is from the reference of ...
  31. D

    I tried to build a radio receiver

    i have ts832 transmitter and a rs832 receiver. i tried to build a radio receiver to pick up radio signals from the ts832 transmitter,. i measured the ts832's antenna. it was 8.8 centimeters. so i cut a piece of copper wire 8.8 centimeters long. i connected the bottom of the copper wire to two...
  32. D

    I tried to build a flyback converter

    i tried connecting flyback converter to, i think it was 3 18650 lithium ion cells, and using a, i think it was a 3.5 ohm resistor. i got a reading of 3.5 amps then i got a decreasing reading. then one of the 18650 lithium ion cells overloaded. it is now damaged. is there any way to pass 3.5 amps...
  33. fRod57

    Use of hard drive magnets to build an MHD propulsion ship

    In order to build a small mhd propulsion ship for a physics project, I'm wondering if the magnets we find in hard drives carry enough magnetic field power to function in such an experiment.
  34. D

    Electrical Trying to build a diy EMG machine

    i placed a emg pad on my elbow and 2nd emg pad on the part of my forearm near the elbow and a 3rd emg pad on the part of my forearm near the hand. i connected the 2nd emg pad to a wire, which was connected to the red prong and 3rd emg pad to a 2nd wire which was connect to the red prong. so both...
  35. D

    How to build a Raman detector?

    if you filter completely the relaigh scattering, could a solar panel detect a raman signal?
  36. D

    How to build a radio relay station?

    if i decide to build two relay stations 100 miles apart, what frequency or frequencies should i use to send a radio signal across 100 miles from 1 relay station to the other relay station.
  37. E

    Did they ever build the RBMKP-2400 or 4800 reactors?

    Did they ever build the RBMKP-2400 or RBMKP-4800 reactor designs? Which had a maximum theoretical electrical output of 2400MW and 4800MW respectively. These reactors were supposed to be significantly larger than the original RBMK and were rectangular in shape? I would love to see diagrams...
  38. L

    How to build my own web-based VOIP service?

    Hi, I have another entrepreneurial idea. It's obviously to start my own web-based cloud VOIP service provider. I know that there's already Google Voice and a few others but I saw an article that starting my own VOIP service provider is a good idea. I'm just not sure what platforms/tools that i...
  39. L

    How to build my own Linux Distro?

    Hi, I'm interested in creating my own distro of Linux. I need help on where I start though. I don't have a programming degree, but I might be able to develop it myself in my off hours if I self-educate. Thank you.
  40. skyshrimp

    Possible to build a space tower?

    Is it possible to build a skyscraper that's so tall that it enters the ozone layer? I was imagining such a tower where customers could go to the top in elevators and view the Milky Way in bed with a glass roof in their luxury apartments :) Obviously not just a tower without supports. Maybe with...
  41. ramadhankd

    Help me build a mathematical model

    So I was trying to learn how to build a mathematical model of an oscillating system. The system and FBD is shown below. I just got confused why I got a different value of k from both x force and torsional equilibrium equation? Am I missing something?
  42. Dapperwolf

    Could I build a plasma laser from this?

    Homework Statement: So if I were to take Jew strong very strong magnets and place them repelling one another in a vacuum would I be able to create plasma and could I create a laser that can shoot it out? Homework Equations: sorry new to this :biggrin:
  43. chemisthypnos

    Trying to build a miniature binary geothermal plant for education

    I am trying to build a miniature (it should fit on a desk) binary geothermal power plant for educational purposes. I obviously do not expect to drill into the ground with this power plant, but I hope to be able to demonstrate new design principles with it. I have many questions as to how to do...
  44. D

    Unable to build a boost converter

    I have tried building a boost converter. It did not work. How do I get it to work? I used the circuit I found on...
  45. D

    How to build a flyback transformer

    I am trying to build a flyback transformer. I have a ton of questions. For example can I use a Nail as the core? If not I don't know Why not. So why not? I have already studied the design on the internet. I still have tons of questions.
  46. D

    How should i start learning how to build an electronic oscillator?

    How should I start learning how to Build an electronic oscillator? Any voltage will do. It drives a led. Target frequency I 1000 hertz.
  47. DaveC426913

    How many spikes does it take to build a wall?

    When I first started this, I thought I'd need only one spike to stitch the 6x6s together and to fix it to the ground. But OK, I need two after all. Having finished two, I realized it's still not secure! How did I end up needing three spikes to stitch one section of wall? What did I do wrong??
  48. C

    Could beta(-) emitters be used to build a compact light-space-drive?

    One of the main issues to send orbiters to (light years) faraway locations is the propulsion problem. Conventional chemical fuels cannot provide enough energy by weight to produce that much thrust. Nuclear fission provides a lot of energy by weight, but usually radiation energy doe not produce...
  49. D

    I have been unable to build a transformer

    I have tried to build a transformer. I have tried connecting a wien bridge oscillator to a wire. That wire Formed 7 turns around a nail. A second wire was wrapped around the same nail it had 14 turns. The second wire was connected to a multimeter there was no voltage Reading. The first wire was...