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How to calculate the circulation flow in makeup water

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    Actually i have to calculate the make up water capacity of cooling tower . M= E+B+W . but while calculating the particulars , i am needing the circulation flow rate . i searched it in internet also but it simply showing 18000 so getting confused . Is it 18000 a constant or anything there to calculate .

    If any body have the answer , please give the answer .
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    The internet's a big place. Perhaps if you shared the link where you found the figure 18000, some help will come your way to explain what it means. :smile:
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    Yeah, the internet sometimes just gives you strange numbers. When I search "what is the answer to life, the universe and everything?" it just gives me "42". Now, what's that supposed to mean? I'm also wondering if it is a constant or something that can be calculated. It also didn't show me the units.
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