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How to check this type of weld group?

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    Hello all,

    I am not very sure with this kind of weld check, could you give me some help and suggestion?
    Details as following:

    Ft=force in y direction
    Lt=distance between Ft action point and weld group geometric center(y direction)
    Fl=force in x direction
    Ll=distance between Fl action point and weld group geometric center(x direction)
    L1=weld 1 length
    L2=weld 2 length
    L3=weld 3 length
    t=weld throat
    Ix-=moment interia about x axial
    Iy-=moment interia about y axial
    r=the max distance form center

    find out the max weld stress
    My solution is this,
    First move Ft and Fl to the geometric center get the tension and shear stress
    Then take tousionT=Ft*Lt+Fl*Ll(or Ft*Lt-Fl*Ll) take the
    stress σ=T/(Ix+Iy)*r,and distribute the result to x and y direction,
    and finally get eqivualent stress

    Am I right?

    Thank you for your help and suggestion.

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    Hello all,
    I found some information in AISC rules,sorry for cann't upload all documents, for detail information please go through the AISC website or contract me.
    https://www.aisc.org/search.aspx?id=3852&keyword=weld [Broken] group

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