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How to continue my studies by not liking physics?

  1. Jan 28, 2017 #1
    Hi there, I discovered I don't like physics at all. I'm taking calc based physics and were already on chapter 2 motion on a straight line. Mostly kinematics at this point. We're going to vectors on Monday. I found that physics is not like chemistry. I love chemistry with passion, but with physics is something different. It's like I get bored. I don't want to stop my dream from happening because I don't like physics. My major Meteorology requires it. Should I just keep doing my best and try not to see the negative side of physics? Think of physics as I'm taking chemistry?
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    Keep your current major because you might change your mind . Physics becomes different, maybe better, and should be more interesting as you go. You might also find later that you do not like chemistry as much as you think you do. Right now, you are seeing a very limited view of Physics. It's not all kinematics.
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    Chapter 2 of any subject seems a little early to make a judgement call on whether you like it.

    That said, I would expect that meteorology would include a lot of physics. Unless it's absolutely painful for you, try to make it through the course before making and judgement calls.
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    You say you don't like physics at all but all you've studied is motion on a straight line. Really?
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    This is similar to making a judgement that you don't like a restaurant as soon as you sat down at a table because you don't like the color of the napkins.

    Besides, you have no choice if it is required for your major. So suck it up!

  7. Feb 12, 2017 #6
    Just had a break down when I took my first Physics test. Not sure what happened. I was all ready to go then started to feel like giving up already. Not sure what I will get on my test tomorrow. Is there any way for me to continue and study more? I'm struggling to find other resources that can help me prepare and do other problems besides the book. When I took General Chemistry 1 and 2 I was so lucky to find extra homework problems from a professor in UMASS Boston. If I never found that website I would probably fail chemistry that semester. Do you have any suggestions for me that can work? I'm really struggling with Physics at the moment. I was about to purchase the AP Physics C review but not sure if that will help me.
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