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How to control power source base on load condition in Matlab/simulink

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    i'm using Matlab/simulink to create a microgrid model which simulate dynamic control of power based on the loads. the loads are changing based on the realtime. I use several voltage sources to power the loads. I would like to be able to turn on/off the generator based on the loads. for example, when there's more power needed, an extra power source will be brought online.
    if the loads need less power, a power source will be taken offline.

    any suggestion on how to control the power source based on the loads?

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    You could try using an 'If Block' in simulink and have your output going into an 'If action'. Then the output of these if action blocks could be represented by a number and you then merge all of the if actions to get a continuous variable. You could then link the output of the merge into the part of your model which controls power or what not.

    I'm not an expert but with some playing around i'm sure you could get this to work.
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