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How to Determine the Products of Chemical Reactions

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    I'm in an intro chem class right now and I honestly have no clue where I was when they talked about this BUT here goes... I have several spot tests that I have to come up with the formulas for, I have the reactants just have no clue what the products are. I understand how to balance formulas I just don't know the basics of how to put the damn things together... this is what I have so far (I have about 30 to figure out)-

    Pb(NO3)2+K2CrO4→ _________
    Pb(NO3)2+KSCN→ _________
    Pb(NO3)2+NH4OH→ _________
    Pb(NO3)2+DMG→ _________
    Pb(NO3)2+HCl→ _________
    Pb(NO )2+H2SO4→ _________

    I'm not in anyway asking for just the answers I need to know how to actually do this. Thank you for your time and attention, any help is appreciated!
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    These all are just about solubility rules.
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