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How to do things on this website?

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    1) I am a new subscriber and I to know how to generate the list with links to my messages. The "Advanced Search" button, which I clicked, did have a box for entering my username. I entered it and clicked the "Search" button. But this did not produce the list I wanted. What should I do?

    2) This is probably not the right place to ask such questions. Where should they be asked?
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    If you click on your username on a post, you should be able to click on an option to view all posts...you can also view your user profile, go to statistics, and then something like "find all posts by this user".
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    Forum Feedback and Announcements is a common place for "how do I do it" kinds of questions. I've moved this thread there.

    By the way, according to our rules (click the "Rules" link at the top of any page here), only "gold" members and other special categories such as Mentors, Science Advisors, etc. are allowed to use "signatures." Such members can set a signature in their profiles. Ordinary members are not allowed to set signatures manually.

    "Gold" members are those who pay a subscription fee (click the "Upgrade" link at the top of any page here). They have other perks such as seeing fewer advertisements, being able to use an avatar, etc.
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