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How to express these phrases mathematically

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    look at this phrase :

    'il existe un entier multiple de tous les autres' : there is an integer multiple of all other

    'tout réel posséde une racine carrée dans IR ':any real has a square root in IR

    'tout les réels ne sont pas des quotients d'entiers': any real (any actual) are not integer quotients

    'certains réels sont strictement supérieurs à leur carré ':some real are strictly above their square

    I need to write it on mathematical form.
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    I imagine you want to use symbolic logic? Still, your second sentence is wrong , in case that matters.
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    ## \exists zn : z \in ℤ ## (all other what?)

    ## \forall r \in ℝ \exists \sqrt{r} \in IR ## (what is IR in this context?)

    ## \forall r \in ℝ \nexists \frac{a}{b} : \frac{a}{b} \not\in ℤ ##

    ## \exists r \in ℝ : r > r^2 ##
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    I would say : $$\exists m\in\mathbb{N}:k|m\forall k\in\mathbb{N}$$

    The second i don't understand what IR is.

    The third : $$\exists x\in\mathbb{R}:x\neq \frac{a}{b} \forall a,b\in\mathbb{Z}$$
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