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How to find the natural frequency in ansys apdl

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    Hi!! I am new in ansys. I am doing rotor dynamic study of a high speed rotating shaft. the shaft comprise of two discs and at the it ends the shaft is supported by the bearing I am facing problem in modelling stage please tell me how to model the bearing and disc briefly.I am uploading the image and these are the dimension.Please Do reply. Untit.png
    Diameter of disc 1 = 0.28m
    Diameter of disc 2 = 0.35m
    Diameter of shaft = 0.05m
    Length of the shaft = 1.5m
    Thickness of disc 1, disk 2 = 0.07m
    Modulus of Elasticity = 211 GN/m^2
    Modulus of Rigidity = 81.2 GN/m^2
    Density = 7800 kg/m^3
    Speed = 4000 rpm
    Bearing stiffness = 1 MN/m
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    It isn't realistic to expect an online forum to teach you how to use a complex program like ANSYS, there are just too many considerations. Are you taking a class in FEA and its usage? Have you found any tutorial materials regarding setting up a rotor dynamics simulation in ANSYS?
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    I am a M.Tech student and yes i have taken the FEM classes and i am using ansys help as a tutorial and I am using APDL but there is problem in the modelling phase the results are not matching with the theoretical result pls help me.
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