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  1. A

    Problem Connecting Core with Face Plates (APDL)

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if anyone could help me with my apdl model. I have created a model of a honeycomb sandwich panel but the solution is not converging, is there something that I should pay attention to? I have connected the core and the plates simply with NUMMRG command...
  2. G

    APDL Programming buckling FEA C Section Cold Formed Steel

    Hi, I am facing issues with my program. Listed below. This is form my masters project. Also in what way can I connect the filleted surfaces shown in fig by a weld or just load or stress transfer connection. fini /clear /title,C160T2B70-1L /prep7 et,1,shell181 r,1,2 mp,ex,1,1.85e5...
  3. S

    Stress intensity factor using Ansys APDL for a 3D plate

    I am trying to evaluate SIF for 3D plate using ansys APDL. Please share tutorial/notes if available.
  4. Rodrigo

    ANSYS APDL 18.2 - Symmetric Stiffened Plate

    Hello, I'm a new ANSYS user and could someone give me some help about this tutorial: https://confluence.cornell.edu/display/SIMULATION/ANSYS+-+Semi-monocoque+shell+-+Problem+Specification I'm trying to replicate it but can't get the same answear in the end. Any advice about what i could do...
  5. M

    How to use TSRES command in Ansys APDL

    Hello, I have a transient heat transfer analysis question where I heat a plate for a short duration and then evaluate thermal response. The duration of heat pulse occurs for .1 seconds at time t = 1 second and thermal response time I would like to evaluate is 1 minute. I use an Ansys APDL table...
  6. Abdullah Kacar

    APDL - Transient Structural - Exporting stresses over time

    I'm writing my master thesis and need to export forces over time in Transient analysis. I tried using the force reaction but it shows the result as zero. BTW I'm not trying to get the forces from the nodes which is supported, with these i get results. But with the nodes with no support i get...
  7. R

    Problem with spring -- ansys APDL

    Hi, could you help me with my parametric model please? I have a problem with the end of spring. At the end of load (displacement) is problem with solve stress because there is concentrated stress and it shouldn't be. I didn't define contact between coils yet. I need to repair this fail at...
  8. X

    The latest ANSYS Mechanical APDL

    I know the difference, but I want to know what is the latest version of apdl.
  9. lord sauron

    Importing Mechanical Apdl geometry in Ansys Workbench

    hi.. i want to import only the geometry defined in mechanical apdl into ansys workbench so that i want to have the freedom to change the geometry and meshing whenever i want to. thankyou
  10. T

    Harmonic analysis Ansys APDL

    Hi everyone, I have done the Harmonic Analysis of my model with Ansys APDL 17.0 (ACADEMIC version), and I have obtained only the DOF solution of my nodes but i need the Strain and Stress solution . How can I get it? Thanks. Tonino Sepe.
  11. Shawndude

    Rigid block between two cyllinders Ansys apdl

    i want to analyse a two cylinders of different materials between which a rigid block of certain width exists. I am using CE command to connect the nodes of both the cylinders and the constant in Ce equation denotes the width of the the rigid block. When i solve the above problem , stress...
  12. D

    How to find the natural frequency in ansys apdl

    Hi! I am new in ansys. I am doing rotor dynamic study of a high speed rotating shaft. the shaft comprise of two discs and at the it ends the shaft is supported by the bearing I am facing problem in modelling stage please tell me how to model the bearing and disc briefly.I am uploading the image...

    ANSYS Workbench and MESH200 Elements: EMODIF

    Hello all, I have been doing a number of analysis that require the use of Workbench and Spaclaim and Classic (APDL). SpaceClaim is used to bring in the geometry and defeature it and to create the proper components with elimination of contacts thru the use of the Share Topology feature. This is...
  14. S

    ANSYS APDL Composite design

    Hi, I'm analyzing a composite leaf spring using ANSYS APDL, the leaf spring has a thickness of 12mm, and since it is a composite material, it is composed of many plies, I'm assuming the ply thickness to be 0.125mm. I imported the geometry as a Parasolid x_t. And the element type I used is...
  15. C

    Modeling a multi-story building using Ansys Apdl 14.5

    Hello I am new to Ansys and currently conducting a study on ''property of lightweight structures'' I have read and watched videos online but nobody has the tutorials...i'm hoping someone here can help me on how to model a multi-storey building using Ansys...I hope this post makes sense. Thanks
  16. I

    (APDL) use two sections in an static analysis (beam/column)

    Hi, I'm just start using APDL but i have been stuck trying to make an analysis with two diferent sections, i'd like to make a frame with two column and a beam but i don't know how, thank you.
  17. V

    Simulation sandwich structure ANSYS Mechanical

    Hello everyone! I’m using APDL to simulate the behavior of a specimen in tension with a sandwich structure made of honeycomb and glass fiber. It was modeled in CATIA V5 and exported to APDL in a parasolid file. Only a half of the structure has been modeled because of symmetry condition. NOTE...

    How to join honeycomb and skin in ansys apdl for sandwich structure

    I modeled honeycomb core and face sheet seperately now i want to add or glue them to make a sandwich but it shows error so how can i join them.anyone please
  19. raimyhadrie

    Modelling masonry building/precast slab using ansys APDL

    Hi, I am recently new to Ansys version 14 APDL. Does anyone can help me in modeling masonry building using APDL. I have read many kind of tutorials but still it is very difficult to understand.I hope that someone can help me and teach me how because this is for my thesis where the due date is...
  20. K

    FEA of hyperelastic arteries in ANSYS APDL

    Hi all, I am attempting to model an artery under internal pressure in ANSYS APDL.. This is my current attempt.. 1. select solid 8 node 183 element type (and specify thickness) 2. select 5 parameter Mooney-Rivlin (for which I have constants) 3. create quarter area model dimensions 4. map mesh...

    ANSYS Mechanical APDL - High Temperature Creep Modeling via Isochronous Curves

    ANSYS can be used to model creep in a number of different ways. If you are designing to ASME Section VIII, Div., 2 you might have to verify that your design meets the "shake down to elastic action" criteria. Basically, that means that the strains do not continue to increase over the number of...

    ANSYS Mechanical APDL - Rotating Boundary Conditions

    All, I recently completed a project where transient thermal boundary conditions are rotated around a cylinder for a general number of revolutions. In reality, the cylinder rotated but it was much easier to rotate the thermal conditions around the model in the ANSYS environment. I used 360...
  23. E

    Analyzing a Beam with One Degree Freedom in ANSYS APDL

    hi every body I want to analysis a beam with one degree freedom on apdl (ansys software) This software give me a different period! for beam with mass=stiffness=1 we must have 2π value for period but this program give me another answer.
  24. S

    ANSYS APDL help for 3D Thermal problem

    Hello, Greetings! How do I get the convective surface matrix from ANSYS for 3D thermal problem. Consider a volume, where some of its surfaces are subjected to convective boundary conditions. What is the way to get those (only convective surface) matrices generated by ANSYS. Any help in...
  25. R

    Parametric Analysis with ANSYS APDL: Joining Points and Counting KP Lines

    Hello everyone, I´m programming in ANSYS APDL and I want to make a parametric analysis. Because I need to join a lot of points with the bspline function I can´t make this FLST,3,10,3 FITEM,3,1 FITEM,3,-10 BSPLIN, ,P51X I need to write in my program all the points...

    Is ANSYS APDL - New Book Out a must-have for serious analysts?

    Hello all, Here is a new APDL book. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/146641135X/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I bought a copy to check it out. Thanks Matt
  27. H

    Ansys APDL v11 Beginner: Basic Tutorials & Training Resources

    Hi, I am recently new to Ansys using version 11 APDL. Does anyone know of any beginners links to basic training or any decent books? I am finding playing around and using just the help menu very difficult. I'm mainly interested in some basic tutorials writing code to create a part and...
  28. M

    Ansys mechanical APDL input file creation

    hello everybody. i have a quick question. i am going to make a shape memory alloy model in ansys workbench 12.0 . as workbench does not have the SMA model, i have to make material properties in mechanical APDL and then make an input file. but i don't know how to define properties and make the...
  29. S

    Getting Started with ANSYS APDL: Resources for Beginners

    i am new to the APDL in ansys and i need some basic books or sites to learn APDL
  30. R

    ANSYS APDL Inflated Balloon Volume

    I feel like this should be a fairly easy problem to solve in ANSYS but can't work it out. My actual problem is a bit more complex that what I've written below, but the solution method should be the same. A hollow cylinder is pressurised from the inside, the cylinder inflates. What is the...
  31. D

    Ansys APDL Structural Analysis: Comparing Element Types for Max. Stress

    Hello, I'm doing structural analysis of honeycomb light weight structures in ansys apdl.. is it possible to mesh and compare element types such as solid, shell and beam elements with respect to max.stress with the same 3D model??
  32. G

    Transient Thermal Analysis in Ansys (APDL)

    Hi, I have to model a transient thermal problem in Ansys. I just need an outline of how I should proceed. The Problem: I am trying to model the cooling of a solar collector reciever tube from 150 degree celsius to ambient. My attempts have involved the following: 1. Initial condition...
  33. T

    MEMS and Duffing curve on ANSYS APDL

    Hi all, I'm a student in an Engineer School in France and I would like to know if you can help me on this subject. The system, I have to model on ANSYS, is composed by a clamped clamped silicon beam and actuated by an electric signal V=Vc+Va*cos(w*t) from an electrode located under the...
  34. 5

    Applying Load on an area - ANSYS APDL

    Hi, Have been using ANSYS Mechanical to conduct some analyses, but am now moving to ANSYS APDL to investigate the effectiveness of Solid-Shell elements. However, I've run into a problem. I can't figure out how to apply a load to an area! I have been playing around with the SURF154...
  35. 5

    ANSYS Mechanical APDL - How to scope results to specific elements of an assembly

    Hi, I have been using both ANSYS APDL and ANSYS Workbench (Mechanical) to run analysis on a structure. After loading the structure, in Mechanical i was able to scope my results for deformation and EQUIV stress to just the adhesive layer as this is what I am interested in. However, I can't...
  36. 5

    Simulating Bonded Contact from ANSYS Mechanical in ANSYS APDL

    Simulating "Bonded Contact" from ANSYS Mechanical in ANSYS APDL Hi, Im looking into the accuracy of using different element types to model a particular structure. As a simple approximation think of it as a beam split into 3 horizontal sections. Shown in the diagram as top, middle & bottom...
  37. D

    Transient Thermal Analysis- Ansys APDL Help

    Hello All, I have to do a transient analysis of thin composite film. Following are the requirements: 1. Time t=0 to t=0.01, Initial condition of Temperature=300 K. 2. Time t=0.01 to t=0.05, Temperature=505 K. 3. Run the analysis from t=0.05 until a stable solution is obtained. I tried...