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How to Make a 3D Origami Paper Snake: Please make your own!

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    This video is about making a snake out of paper. The style of paper folding and structure building shown in this video is called "3D Origami" if you wish to look it up. I hope that this video will inspire you guys to create your own creations and share them with me. I learned this skill in 6th grade, when a teacher showed the class a video of another paper snake.

    Here is the video:
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    The music is great! Its both epic and foreboding.

    Ahh I just realized, its the Dune music by Brian Eno (I think) and so you must be making Sandworms:


    You should mention that in your video or its comments to avoid any copyright infringement issues. I've heard some youtubers had to take down popular videos or remove or mute the music in video because they got ordered to by the copyright owner.
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    That is a good point about the music. His name is Brian Eno. Does this video make you want to build your own?
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    In a sense, however I liked how you showed the other variations starting with the simple shape. That was really cool.

    I've been playing on and off with paper plane designs. I have a book called Fly & Fold Paper Planes that has quite a few unique designs.


    My favorite design was one my Dad taught me. It uses a locking scheme for the tail piece that is somewhat similar to what you showed for your snake design except there was a couple of additional folds to lock it in place.
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    I have a paper plane calendar. You tear one square off every day and the next day gives you the instructions!
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