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How to make a poster with latex?

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    Does anybody have a latex file that I can use as a template to make a 48 x 36 poster?
    Any help is welcomed.
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    Hi symbol0,

    I think it would be a good idea to first choose a latex package to install for creating posters, and then the websites for those packages usually have examples that you can use for a template. For example, I have used beamerposter in the past, which you can find here along with some examples:


    There are other packages (a0poster, sciposter,etc.) but I have never used them and don't know if they are better in some sense.

    If you do want a latex file without installing any specialized poster packages, you might try something like the template RomePoster.tex near the bottom of this page:

    http://www-hep.physics.uiowa.edu/~reno/poster/PostersREU.html [Broken]

    but I think the poster packages would look much nicer.
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    Thank you very much alphysicist.
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    Glad to help!
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