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How to make a simple mini compressor for small needs

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    How to make simple mini compressor for small needs
    There are many cases where we need lớn use air compressors but not available. In other cases, they want to use air compressors but are afraid lớn buy because of less use. In this case the simplest option would be lớn make your own compressor. We will guide you how lớn make the simplest compressor.

    You just need to prepare a few tools that can make the compressor yourself, if not available you can buy in the cửa hàng. The most common way to make compressed air is lớn use sealed plastic bottles in combination with one-way valves. Some others use refrigerator fridges with one-way valves and use pressure relays and rubber connectors and other fittings. You can refer to the specific implementation on youtube or other forums for instructions on how to use pressure vessels in refrigerator cyclones.

    In this case we use a shampoo bottle as a compressor because the oil is quite hermetically sealed. Wash the bottle thoroughly, drain and keep the spray button. Coat a hole in the shampoo body and attach a mini dart valve to the body. Want the valve lớn be fastened to the body and sealed the rubber liner to both the inner leg and the valve. Then you pumped in to have created yourself a mini compressor.

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    Could we have these words in English, please?
    Is this a question, or a tutorial?
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    Turns out it's probably a spam setup post.
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    I think for small needs a bicycle pump is far simpler than trying to make a compressor out of a shampoo bottle dispenser
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