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LaTeX How to make font in subfigure of tikZ same size as document

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    Hi PF!

    I have the following code
    Code (Text):

    \draw(0,0) to (0,1);
    \node at (0,1) {$z$};
    \draw(0,0) to (1,0);
    \node at (1,0) {$x$};
            \caption{Illustration of the tapered corner regime.}
    in LateX but for some reason when I scale the pictures, the font is also scaled. How can I control this so the font is the same size as the rest of the document?

    Thanks so much!

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    It's quite logical behaviour that the font is scaled down.
    First the contents of the resizebox etc. are rendered after which they are scaled down hence the smaller font.

    I would approach this by defining a new environment.
    This environment would take a scaling parameter and perhaps a reference length.

    In this environment you would scale up the fontsize before the rescaling is done.
    This is a great exercise to become better at LaTeX.
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