What is Font: Definition and 37 Discussions

In metal typesetting, a font was a particular size, weight and style of a typeface. Each font was a matched set of type, with a piece (a "sort") for each glyph, and a typeface consisting of a range of fonts that shared an overall design.
In modern usage, with the advent of desktop publishing, "font" has come to be used as a synonym for "typeface" although a typical typeface (or 'font family') consists of a number of fonts. For instance, the typeface "Bauer Bodoni" includes fonts "Regular", "Bold", "Italic" and Italic Bold and each of these exists in a variety of sizes. The term "font" is correctly applied to any one of these alone but may be seen used loosely to refer to the whole typeface. When used in computers, each style is in a separate digital "font file".
In both traditional typesetting and modern usage, the word "font" refers to the delivery mechanism of the typeface. In traditional typesetting, the font would be made from metal or wood: to compose a page may require multiple fonts or even multiple typefaces.

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  1. brotherbobby

    LaTeX Times New Roman for a portion of a ##\rm{\LaTeX}## document

    I am writing a document (article) in ##\rm{\LaTeX}##. Due to easier reading and differentianting a portion of the text from the rest, it is necessary for me to use some other font and I have chosen the ##\verb|Times New Roman|##. However, I don't know how to go about it. Are there any packages...
  2. amjad-sh

    Python Changing the default font in matplotlib to "Times New Roman".

    I want to submit an article to an aps journal, so the labels of the figures have the "Times New Roman" font. I had used the package matplotlib to get the figures and I want to make "Times New Roman" the default font. So, what code I need to write for this to be achieved? Note that I used the...
  3. amjad-sh

    LaTeX Changing the caption font to Times New Roman in pdfLatex

    Hello, I want to change the font of the captions of the figures in my document into Times New Roman. Anybody has an idea how to achieve this? I spent a long time searching for it on internet but didn't find a clear answer.
  4. K

    MathType - best font for equations?

    I am writing my PhD Thesis now and i have a lot of equations. I use Word (for text) and for eqations i use MathType. For text i use Calibri font 12pt but for eqations - in MathType i prefer Euclid. It looks pretty good but i would like to ask you, if it is a problem that fonts for texts and...
  5. S

    What's a good FREE font for integral signs?

    I like use OpenOffice to do mathematics documents (yes, not as good as LaTex, but it's not as much of a hassle), but I find the fonts that I currently have don't have a good set of good-looking integral signs, so I looking for a FREE font that has a good set of such signs. A small search for...
  6. D

    Font Letter changes when saved in .svg format in xmgrace

    Hi, 1) I want to save a .agr file in xmgrace. So, i go to File--> print setup--> device --> svg --> accept and then i give Cntrl+p in order to save it. But if i view the .svg file the font of the letters (say labeling the x-axis and y-axis etc in Times Roman font..) get altered into another...
  7. Oats

    Downloading & Installing STIX Fonts for MathJax

    Hello, Every website that I go on that has MathJax support displays math in a font that almost looks like the default Computer Modern ##\LaTeX## font. The following is taken from Math Stack Exchange: I heard that MathJax usually looks for the STIX font located on your computer, and if it does...
  8. D

    Can anyone identify this integral font?

    Hello! Desperately looking for an answer to this. While it's not really a physics or maths question, I don't really know where else to ask, so I reasoned here was as good as anywhere - please excuse me if I'm asking in the wrong place. Does anyone recognise the font used in this integral? I'd...
  9. M

    LaTeX How to make font in subfigure of tikZ same size as document

    Hi PF! I have the following code \begin{figure} \isp \begin{subfigure}[t]{0.5\textwidth} \centering \resizebox{\linewidth}{!}{ \begin{tikzpicture} \draw(0,0) to (0,1); \node at (0,1) {$z$}; \end{tikzpicture} } \caption{} \label{tri} \end{subfigure}...
  10. Stephanus

    Music Musical Symbol Font: Download for Church Choir Practice

    Dear PF Forum, Can anyone help me? I am in need of musical symbol font which can make A: single or double (triple is better) horizontal line B: Upper dot for 1 octave higher C: Lower dot for 1 octave lower, Perhaps anyone know where to download such font. I need this for my church choir, so...
  11. J

    Mathematica Which font does mathematica use?

    Hey, I have this problem where mathematica doesn't show certain symbols (greek letters for example). In my current working document I have introduced other symbols but in the end it'll become a mess because several variables show up with similar names. When I export as pdf it does show the...
  12. Ibix

    Odd Quoting Behaviour: One Tag, Two Blocks

    While quoting a post earlier I came across the following interesting behaviour. I pasted a QUOTE tag into a place where the person I was quoting had used large bold text, and accidentally made the QUOTE tag large bold text. This seems to have cause the behaviour below - there is only one QUOTE...
  13. H

    MATLAB Set Axis Font Size Independently in Matlab

    To set axis font size I use set(gca,'FontSize',20) but this command also acts on legend font size. How to set axis font size independently?
  14. SrVishi

    Math Font Used in Textbooks: Larson's Calculus

    Sorry if this is a random/ out of place question, but I was wondering if you know what math font is used in textbooks like "Calulculus of a Single Variable" by Larson and other similar books. I like that font very much and hope to use it for papers, etc but I can't find precisely which one it is.
  15. W

    Changing Font Type in Windows 8

    So, I got the most recent "upgrade" in my windows 8, and somehow, yet again, many of my original settings have been changed -- the pleasures of using windows. One of the most recent changes in settings has been that all my text is typed in bold font . I do not even see how to do a(n) ( internal...
  16. A

    MHB Texniccenter Font Size: Learn How to Change Word Sizes with \Command

    How i can change the words size like for example i want to write Content content 1 content 2 different sizes is there any command something like \command
  17. Greg Bernhardt

    Change Font & Save $400 Million

  18. A

    LaTeX LaTeX: selecting font with fontenc package

    Running XeTeX from TexLive 2011 on windows, I have been using \usepackage{fourier} To get the Adobe Utopia font. That works fine. For reasons irrelevant to the question, I want to use the fontenc package to select fonts. So I need to do something like \usepackage{fontenc}...
  19. caffeinemachine

    MHB Inconsolata font in Vim. Ubuntu.

    Hello MHB, I started 'using' vim editor in Ubuntu three days back. I think it is a great tool to have. However, since I am a newbie at a linux system, to get anything done I have to irritate my friends with a lot of questions, some of which they cannot answer on phone. So here's my latest...
  20. B

    HTML Font Tag: How to Change Text Size and Style for Your Webpage

    When I make a webpage and I want my Text in my Link to be say Font Size 6 am I right I would do this <font size="6"> <A HREF="form.html" TARGET="B"> <img src="mailbox.gif" width="16%"> <BR> E-MAIL THE ARTIST </A> </font> Thanks
  21. V

    Optimizing Mathematical Typography: The Preferred Font for Academic Documents

    What is the maths font that universities use to type maths documents?
  22. E

    LaTeX What could be causing font errors when using Times New Roman in Latex?

    Hello, I need to change the font in my latex file to Times New Roman, and I used this in the preamble to do that: \usepackage{fontspec} \setmainfont{Times New Roman} but I get errors in compilation from PS->PDF. Why? Is there any other way? I need this compilation from PS->PDF for...
  23. caffeinemachine

    MHB Exploring Font Options for TeX Documents

    Hello MHB. I have recently started using TeX to create math documents. I am using TeXworks. The pdf created by the software looks good but the font style is something I don't like. I would like my document to have fonts like that used in "Herstein's Topics in Algebra"...or something which feels...
  24. Echilon1

    MHB Solving the Font Size Puzzle for Thumbnail Layers

    I'm drawing a scene with, trying to size my font correctly. I have both a big and small version of the layer on the screen at the same time. I want to set the font in a label on this layer (both the thumbnail and the full size version) to, for example, size 30. This works fine for the full...
  25. cepheid

    LaTeX LaTeX Font Different from Usual?

    Hi, I'm wondering why my LaTeX output on PF appears in this font: http://img688.imageshack.us/img688/5020/screenshot20120129at123y.png Rather than the more typical one: http://img32.imageshack.us/img32/60/lateximage1.png Apologies if this has already been explained somewhere. I'm using...
  26. T

    LaTeX LaTeX Font Change in Section Title

    I want to have a section title to the effect of "Pseudocode for the Func1 Function," but I would like "Func1" to be in typewriter font to indicate that I'm referencing programming code. Is there any good way to do this? The verbatim and verb commands don't seem to work. Thanks.
  27. DaveC426913

    Font fanatics What is this font?

    Recognize it?
  28. M

    Font used in nature magazine title

    Hey, wondered, what font is used in the title 'nature', on the front page of the magazine? Thank you in advance, Mikkel
  29. L

    LaTeX What Font Does Latex Use for a Professional Look?

    what is that latex font that screams "professional looking"? I am using math-type + power point's beamer-template to create a presentation. there are two kinds of fonts involved For text: i use cmtex10 (which i assume is computer modern for latex?) For math i use times new roman+italic...
  30. S

    Mathematica Mathematica - Change graph font size

    Good day to all, I need help on how to change font size for numbers in x and y axis. For axes label I could change the font size using below command, but how about the scaling itself. Plot[Sin[x],{x,0,100},AxesLabel->{Style["t",Italic,Large]}] Thank you in advance. Regards, sugaku
  31. A

    LaTeX LaTeX: finding a script font a la Griffiths' QM and Electrodynamics

    This may sound a bit neurotic, but after trying the calligra and frcursive packages, I feel I'm still missing out on a good, general-purpose script font for math. I'm looking for something like the script "r" on page 9 of Introduction to Electrodynamics and the script "S" and "s" on page 121 of...
  32. M

    PHP Flash, PHP: Font sizes don't match

    Has anyone noticed that the font size for Flash and the font size for GD images in PHP don't give the same text size?
  33. Math Is Hard

    HTML Font Size: Meaning & Equivalence to Word Processor

    When you set a font size with font tags like: <font size="3">Word</font> Does this have an equivalent "point size" like "14 point" in a word processor? I'm confused about what the size in the tag means. Thanks.
  34. M

    What font should I use for lab reports?

    is there a standard font I should use? If there isn't, what font do you use?
  35. T

    Font size with Word and AutoCAD

    I'm writing a document in MS Word with font size 10 and Times New Roman. I'm also using AutoCAD to produce graphics to put in it. How can I make sure that text written in AutoCAD will be of equal size to that written in Word? Just choosing a text height of 10 in AutoCAD doesn't make it equal...
  36. T

    Maple How to change the font and font size in graphs in Maple?

    Does anybody know how to change the font and fontsize in graphs in Maple?
  37. S

    Can Mathtype Create All Types of Math Symbols and Signs?

    IS there a specific program I can use to creat all of the different sorts of math signs and such? Thanks