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How to Merge Chemistry and Physics

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    So I start University in the Fall and I am torn between major choice now..

    I basically applied initially for physics, but now I am becoming interested in chemistry once again. So I was wondering if there was a way I could combine the two into one field or specialized study? I've heard of Quantum Chemistry, but is that the only field? Also I will probably attempt[emphasis on attempt] to double major in both and if I happen to find my interest declining in one drop it as a major... but right now I just want to know what could I do.

    Help!! >.<
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    What kind of work do you imagine yourself doing after your degree?
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    Well I want to go to grad school and after getting my doctorate well...
    I hope to work in academia first, but if that doesn't work out i'll fall back on a government job maybe. o.o is that good enough?
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    Maybe physical chemistry? The phys. chem. textbook's I've looked through remind me more of physics books than chemistry books.
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    Yes, physical chemistry would be a good choice. Lots of thermodynamics, spectroscopy, quantum mechanics, kinetics...that sort of thing.
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    I'm interested in combining Physics and Chemistry too, but I know I probably won't become a professor. So, what industry options are there for the combination of these 2 subjects? Like, what are some areas that could actually use a Physical Chemist? Thanks.
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    There's a good bit of physics and chemistry in materials science as well.
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