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How to plot text file in MATLAB

  1. Oct 24, 2015 #1
    I had to use a network analyzer measuring the standing wave pattern along a transmission line taking data points at half mm increments. The software I used got me the values in a text file and the way it is formatted, I can't figure out how to make the left side the X axis and right side the Y axis of a plot. There are hundreds of points so I can't reorganize all of them manually. Below is an example of the first few lines of the text file.

    -6.639705882353E+1 4.612014117183E-1
    -6.637867647059E+1 4.611021652616E-1
    -6.636029411765E+1 4.611021652616E-1
    -6.634191176471E+1 4.608038003887E-1
    -6.632352941176E+1 4.608038003887E-1

    Thanks for the help
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    Never mind, I figured it out, I'll put the code below for anyone else to reference.

    load file.txt;
    x = file(:,1);
    y = file(:,2);
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