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TEXT is the band founded by Kristofer Steen, David Sandström, Fredrik Bäckström and Jon F Brännström. All, except Bäckström, were ex-members of hardcore band Refused. Stylistically, they have little in common with Refused. Their debut album, Text, is a mix of spoken word, music of various styles, and ambient sound effects, often producing an ethereal, avant-garde sound. Apart from the three "Tableau" tracks (which are one piece, split up across the album), each track could be described as fitting into a different genre. In 2008, a second album, Vital Signs, was released. Yet again the style of music is far from Refused and the first Text album. Only Fredrik Bäckström and Jon F Brännström appear on this album.
The record came out on Demonbox Recordings in Sweden and on Buddyhead in America and the rest of the world. Text – "Text" was Buddyhead #4 and considered a building block in what is now a very successfully diverse indie-boutique-label run by music journalist Travis Keller. Text announced a US tour the year after the record was released on Buddyhead but due to conflicts with International Noise Conspiracy tours, it was cancelled.

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  1. brotherbobby

    LaTeX Wrapfig doesn't put text beside figure

    I am new to ##\rm{LaTeX}##. Using the ##\texttt{wrapfig}## package, the figure loads correctly to the right. However, the text, though I typed much of it below where I specified the image to be, comes above it, not alongside it. I cope and paste my code below. You will see much the text that...
  2. Hill

    Limitations of visual presentation

    Can a visually impaired person understand the book Visual Complex Analysis by Needham? I mean, in principle, e.g., even being helped by somebody with no visual impairment. IOW, can its content be conveyed by pure text, without illustrations?
  3. M

    Question About Text: Example 4.1 on Page 35-6

    I just purchased this text. It is less comprehensive than the book by Adler, Bazin, Schiffers, and is written at an (mostly) undergraduate level. I have a problem with example 4.1 on page 35-6. What is meant by the down-arrow followed by the 1 in two equations 4.6-a, b? I am not sure...
  4. D

    How do I edit the text of foreground service notifications?

    Hi everyone I'd like to make a timer that continues to run on the lock screen after the power button is pressed. I thought I could use a foreground notification for this and used code from this page: In particular, I thought I could modify the following lines of code: Notification.Builder...
  5. fluidistic

    I tested Dall.e 2, an AI that creates images from text

    So I tested ChatGPT's cousin, Dalle.e 2. It is said to create images from text, and the website suggest to be very explicit in the description of the image, add many details, to get a good picture. My mind started to wander... Would I finally get a pic of Einstein battling dinosaurs, or having a...
  6. A

    App that converts a checklist to a text

    Hi, I am looking for an app that converts a checklist to text. The advantage of this app is to save time in writing professional reports. For example, suppose a professional uses a list of 10 possible variables to examine a case but finds only 4 variables match a pre-set quality criteria. In...
  7. shivajikobardan

    Bring the navbar text to the center of the screen in CSS

    https://demo.w3layouts.com/demos_new/template_demo/28-07-2021/biodata-liberty-demo_Free/2002651968/web/index.html This is the website that I am trying to build. This is my current navbar. This is what I want to build. My focus is on "Home" to "Contact". I want to put it at the center of the...
  8. shivajikobardan

    How to Create a CSS Hover Effect That Displays Text?

    https://practice-project-html-css.vercel.app/ I'm talking about this one. When you hover there, it shows some text. How do I make it? <div class="grid-container"> <div class="one"><img src="project1.png" alt="" /></div> <div class="two"><img src="Project2.png" alt="" /></div>...
  9. W

    Text from scammer originating from email address rather than phone

    Hi, I received a scam text with links included on my Android S9 phone. Sender appears as an email address, rather than as a phone number. My texting program allows the blocking of phone number does not include the feature of blocking the originating email address. Any ideas of how else I can...
  10. KCook3824

    Other Recommendation: Graduate level thermo/Stat mech text

    Hello all, I'm taking a graduate stat mech course that does not use a text and could really use a good text for reference and supplemental reading. It's been about 13 years since my last thermodynamics course so hoping such a text would have a decent review of thermodynamic relations and...
  11. Math Amateur

    I Dirac Notation for Vectors and Tensors (Neuenschwander's text ....)

    I am reading Tensor Calculus for Physics by Dwight E. Neuenschwander and am having difficulties in confidently interpreting his use of Dirac Notation in Section 1.9 ... in Section 1.9 we read the following: I need some help to confidently interpret and proceed with Neuenschwander's notation...
  12. theycallmevirgo

    Intro text on building a small fluid pressure chamber?

    As stated in the summary, I'd like to design a chamber to store water under pressure. Nothing too powerful - basically at the level of a super soaker, maybe a little higher. The trick is, I want it to be powered and controlled electronically. But, I come from electronics land and know nothing...
  13. R

    I am a little confused by the quoted text is worth mentioning.

    Hi I am reading a book and I am confused why some text is mentioned. Could someone help explain. https://scholar.harvard.edu/files/david-morin/files/relativity_chap_1.pdf page 14 " There is always a difference between the time that an event happens and the time that someone sees the event...
  14. MichaelBack12

    Calculus Hubbard’s vector calculus text

    Anyone know of an online course or set of video lectures on John Hubbard's textbook on Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Forms?
  15. M

    LaTeX Text and latex interpreter in xlabel

    Hi PF! I'm going insane here. How can I have the following in xlabel: ##Q \text{ (mm\sup 3/s)}##?
  16. shivajikobardan

    MHB How to read research paper, textbook, long text content?

    I can read less text content easily. my way of reading it is to make slides of all those texts and learn from the slides. But I have issue with reading huge huge texts as you know in this case it will require too much time when I do this. Is there way to simplify this reading style? eg-: of...
  17. DenDanne

    Construct a Moore Circuit for Binary String '01' Detection: Step-by-Step Guide"

    Summary:: I have a problem getting the circuit of the problem to a Moore-solution. "Construct a Moore Machine and show it in a circuit, that outputs '1' whenever the sequence '01' is encountered in any input binary string (using D-flipflops)". First of, I have written the Moore Machine. I...
  18. MidgetDwarf

    Classical New E&M Text by Wald - Princeton Press 30% Off

    [Mentor Note -- this thread about Wald's text split off from this thread start about book discounts:] https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/princeton-press-30-till-july-31-2022.1010897/
  19. PainterGuy

    Text alignment in Scientific Workplace

    Hi, I'm having two serious issues with writing a document in Scientific Workplace. In Microsoft Word one can choose a paper size such as 'Letter' and Word would restrict the written sentences within the defined margins. Is it possible to do in Scientific Workplace? Is it possible to use...
  20. elcaro

    Storing program source as relations in a database instead of text file

    Almost all (compiled or interpreted) programming langues store the program source in the form of a series of bytes (using an encoding like ASCII or UTF-8) into a text file, enforcing the grammer of the programming language using a parser (as part of the compilation process or interpretation of...
  21. PainterGuy

    How to cite text from a reference without ambiguity

    Hi, Suppose I need to cite some information from a source. I think it'd be easier to explain using an example. In the text below titled "Example Text", I have added the sentences, "Hall effect encoders are also called magnetic encoders. They are very popular with hobbyists these days and have...
  22. Mr.Husky

    Calculus Just got Courant's calculus text -- Need some tips to work through it

    Hi everyone! I just bought the courant John calculus volume-1 from uni bookstore. I need some tips like errors, topics which are not explained well and topics which are really important and need to focus more on etc.. My background:- have Spivak as a supplement. Knows how to prove and read...
  23. MathematicalPhysicist

    Inserting a subscript in the text in the following diagrams app.

    I want to inset the following text ##f_{2,G_2}##, but it seems I cannot include a subscript to ##G## in the following app: https://app.diagrams.net am I missing something? can it be done? Thanks!
  24. yucheng

    Astronomy Technical, physical text on (astro)photography & telescopes?

    It appears that many texts on astrophotography and telescopes for amateurs tend to avoid mathematical formulas, as such, they are of little use to do some practical calculations. What I am interested in is: Magnification Image scale Focal length Focal plane and sensor plane! (CCDs!) Focal-ratio...
  25. topsquark

    Quantum Looking for a good String Theory text

    (Sorry about writing a book! But I felt more information was the better mistake.) Okay, here's the deal. I have been teaching myself Physics and Math beyond my MS in QFT. I have been doing this for the last 20 or so years and I've gotten reasonably decent at it but String Theory is a bit...
  26. mcastillo356

    Calculus Want to know the original text

    Hi, PF I'm struggling with a sentence from the textbook "Calculus", by Robert A. Adams. At the second chapter, "Differentiation", seventh section, when it comes to talk about derivates in economics, at the example 6, the (c) question is answered in a way I don't understand. ¿Could anybody quote...
  27. K

    Astrophysics Looking for an Advanced Introduction to Astrophysics text

    I'm a physicist familiar with QM, QFT and GR etc but I've never really sat down and learned astrophysics properly. Would Steven Weinberg's new book be considered a good advanced introduction or would people recommend another text. Half tempted to get it anyway to complete the Weinberg collection.
  28. Spinnor

    What is going on, type post, edit, overwrite my text sometimes

    Sometimes when I type and edit a post my editing actually overwrites what I have written and other times text is not overwritten but adds extra text. The first case makes editing harder. Is this something I have control over? I apologize if I have not made myself clear. Does it have something to...
  29. pellis

    Text covering the algebra of reflections? (From Penrose's R2R)

    Summary:: Where can I find further discussion of the algebra(s) of “basic reflections” (e.g. γ^2 = -1 ), mentioned in Sec. 11.5 of Penrose’s "Road to Reality"? In Roger Penrose’s Chapter 11 of Road to Reality, titled ‘Hypercomplex Numbers’, he discusses Clifford Algebra elements being...
  30. mcastillo356

    LaTeX How to change the text color with LaTex

    Isn't it $$\color{red}x\color{black}y$$
  31. Muskyboi

    Convert an Equation Editor Object back to plain text

    Is there a tool that can convert something like this: which when copied as plain text looks like this: \frac{4}{\pi}\sin\left(x\right)+\frac{4}{3\pi}\sin\left(3x\right)+\frac{4}{5\pi}\sin\left(5x\right)+\frac{4}{7\pi}\sin\left(7x\right)+\frac{4}{9\pi}\sin\left(9x\right) To this...
  32. S

    I Bell's Theorem - why product of (2)spins can be +1 (Griffith's text)

    Hello, Within Griffith's text - chap 12 section 12.2 page 423 - this is a brief summary of Bell's Theorem and description of Bell's 1964 work. There is a table on page 423 showing the spin of the electron and positron (from pi meson decay) - these would be in the singlet state, one would be...
  33. W

    Windows10 Searchbox not Allowing Text Input

    Hi, I can't enter any text into my Windows10 searchbox. Obviously it's not a keyboard problem, as I am typing this in. I looked up a few solutions, neither worked. Any ideas?
  34. J

    Chemistry Undergraduate-level text on batteries and battery management (with exercises)

    Is there such a thing? Or, alternately, am I just better off with an echem and/or physical chemistry book? Thanks Joe
  35. A

    Medical Text about higher cognitive functions of the brain?

    I'm looking for a document (possibly online) which describes the higher cognitive functions (such as thinking, planning, creativity, comprehension, reasoning, etc.) from the neuroscientific point of view. I found only texts of brain anatomy or other describing senso-motoric and metabolic aspects...
  36. H

    Help Needed: Problem from 2001 Lial Text - Can You Provide A Clue?

    This is my first attempt to ask for help on here. I'm not in school (52 years old) but just exploring. This is a problem from an old Lial text from 2001. I have worked on this problem for almost an hour now and just need some resolution. I have four pages of notes here. I have tried all kinds...
  37. P

    MHB Proving First Order Logic in Machover's Text

    Trouble working through Set theory, Logic, and their Limitations by Maurice Machover. Particularly these 1. $\sigma \vDash \alpha \rightarrow \forall x\alpha$ where $x$ does not occur in a free $\alpha$ 2. $\sigma \vDash s_1 = t_1 \rightarrow ... \rightarrow s_n = t_n \rightarrow...
  38. S

    Text color detection algorithm giving pixels of text

    I'm creating a type of image processing software and I have a need to get the color that best represents text once I have identified the pixels in a region of text. I've tried using simple strategies like "averaging" the pixels or taking the most common pixel, but these produces bad results An...
  39. opus

    LaTeX Help in LaTeX- Continuing text after embedding a picture

    As you can see in my attached picture, I am trying to continue on with my text after my embedded image, but it is putting the text still before the image. I'm not sure why it's doing this because I am writing the text after the \end{figure} command. Any ideas?
  40. W

    Quantum Undergrad QM Textbook: Scattering, Resonances, Entanglement, Particles

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a undergrad-level QM textbook that covers most of the following topics: Scattering Resonances Entanglement Identical Particles QED Ideally I'm looking for a book that is a cross between the information-dense, reference-handy text of Bransden and Joachain, while...
  41. S

    I The Uncertainty Principle - question within Griffiths' Text

    Hello, In Griffiths (2nd edition) pgs 110-111 - deriving the uncertainty principle I have 2 questions 1) I am stuck on a point ... (h = ^ hat ) <f | g > = < ( Ah - <A>) ψ | ( Bh - <B>) ψ > = <Ψ | ( Ah - <A>) ( Bh - <B>) Ψ> FOIL = <ψ | AhBh ψ> - <B><ψ | Ah ψ> - <A>< ψ | Bh ψ> +...
  42. anorlunda

    Troubleshooting Intermittent Text Garbling on HP Laptop Screen

    My HP laptop screen is intermittently misbehaving 3 or 4 times per day. See an example below. But if I scroll that text off screen, then scroll back again, it renders correctly. I'm wondering if it just might be a faulty connection. Should I try to unplug/plug the cables to the screen...
  43. H

    I Problem with section in Schwartz's QFT text

    Beginning of page 303 of Schawrtz's QFT text (section 16.1.1), there's a part on the renormalization of the scalar propagator in ##\phi^3## theory to second order in ##g## the bare coupling. He writes (quote begins): $$M(Q)=M^0 (Q)+M^1 (Q)=\frac{g^2}{Q^2}(1-\frac{1}{32 \pi^2}...
  44. H

    I Clarification of a passage from the Schwartz QFT text

    Hi, would like some clarification on this passage from Matthew D. Schwartz's QFT text regarding renormalization on page 297, 15.4.1 Renormalization of ##\lambda##: "First of all, notice that, while ##M(s)## (the ##\phi\phi\rightarrow\phi\phi## scattering matrix for ##\phi^4## theory) is...
  45. S

    Is it possible to read phone text messages online and sync them between devices?

    I don't send text message on my phone or pay much attention to text messages that arrive on it. However, I'm curious about the current state of text message technology. I'd think there is a great demand for the ability to read phone text messages online. From glancing at this topic on the...
  46. A

    Foundations First year math major, text book recommendations please

    Background: https://translate.google.pl/translate?sl=pl&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.syllabus.agh.edu.pl%2F2018-2019%2Fen%2Fmagnesite%2Fstudy_plans%2Fstacjonarne-inzynieria-mechatroniczna%2Fmodule%2Frme-1-101-s-matematyka-1&edit-text=(mindless applying of 'algorithms'...
  47. nineteen

    Intro Physics What is the best physics text book to refer to these content

    Alright, I am looking for a good physics textbooks that cover all or most of these contents given below: Measurement Mechanics Oscillations and Waves Thermal Physics Gravitational Field Electrostatic field Magnetic Field Current Electricity Electronics Mechanical Properties of Matter...
  48. M

    Converting Text to Speech: Exploring Adobe PDF Reader's Audio Feature

    How can we turn a text file into an audio file? What are the programs making this job are called? Thanks
  49. Nathan Elward

    Best Mathematics Text Book (for 1st year university)

    I'm going to Uni in October and want to get a head with maths for physics NOW so its not so daunting when I am there. What textbooks/resources are an excelent introduction to physical mathematics? Thanks Nathan
  50. Fervent Freyja

    Are Photos from Text Messages Stored in Cell Phone Memory?

    Are photos from text messages stored in internal storage in a cell phone, even if not downloaded into the phone?