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Homework Help: How to predic the possible values of Lx

  1. Mar 28, 2009 #1
    Hello, I would like to ask you something about angular momentum in quantum mechanics;
    If I know that when t=0, my wave function is [tex]\Psi=\Upsilon^{m}_{l}[/tex] and [tex]l=3[/tex] and [tex]m=0[/tex], How can I calculate the probability of getting the value [tex]\hbar[/tex] meassuring [tex]L_{x}[/tex]?
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    Why not perform a passive rotation of 90° around the y-axis. Under this rotation, the |3,m> states transform to the |3,m> states in the x-basis. But you get them expressed in terms of the z-basis. So, you then see how |3,1> in the x-basis is expressed in terms of the |3,m> states in the z-basis and you can then read-off the inner product.
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    Thank you Count Iblis, that was the answer, I did it before reading this, but thank you anyway!
    the answer was 3/16 If i remember correctly.
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    Maybe it is usefull for anybody to see the process. Look at the pdf.

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