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How to protect my computer from viruses?

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    Would anybody tell me that how can I recognize the viruses so that I may give up clearly?

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    Download AVAST free home version and install it. The virus definitions are updated at least once a day. I have gotten MacAfee and Symantic as "free" add-ons with the past couple of of computers that I bought. They are both useless, IMO. When a company tries to do too much (in addition to their core business), how can you expect them to keep up with current threats that pop up daily?

    I gave AGV a try for a bit, but settled on AVAST. YMMV.
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    AVAST, AVG, and Avira are the 3 most popular free anti-virus programs. In addition you should have a firewall.
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    I just bought a new computer and installed fedora (linux) on it. Absolutely love it. Fast, stable, and no need to buy or download antiviral software that kills the performance of your comp by eating up vast amounts of resources while it is scanning all of the time. If you really, really need windows, you can run it in the background through fedora. I've been windows free for almost a month now and have no qualms about it. Plus all the programs are free. It's really not that hard to be windows free these days. Online support is much better for linux than it used to be back in the old days.
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    Or rather than change your OS you can download a free scanner.
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    Or, like I said you can run windows in the background if you need it without needing AV software that eats up huge amounts of resources. And god help you if you get one of those rootkit infections that are increasingly going around. AV software almost never gets rid of it.
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