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How to remove starter tag from your profile pic?

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    Hello everyone,

    Why do I still have the "starter" label in my profile pic when I have over 600 posts. Just curious, nothing serious :smile:
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    You have it in all threads you started, and nowhere else. That's the meaning of the tag.
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    ok thanks lol, sorry I completely misunderstood I thought it was some beginner like tag based on post count :)
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    I've talked with the mentors and we've decided to add the tag "Beginner Physics Newb Level One" to your profile picture. Thanks for your understanding and participation here at Physics Forums! :-p

    @OmCheeto, we've decided to add the tag "Supreme Omelette Sand Admiral" to yours. No relation to the title you held during your 6 months in the Arizona Navy.
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    Actually, it was the Idaho Navy.
    The following was my idea:

    "She is driven by a state-of-the-art permanent-magnet..." [ref]
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