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How to Solve Exponents that also has a variable with it

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    When one was reading some review books for engineering mathematics one has come across that kind of notation, below, and where to find books or materials that deals with these kinds of exponents, they look like this>> x^3x+2.
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    This must be the most unintentionally hilarious post I've ever seen on PF.

    Well from what I know functions like x^x simply grow very quickly, there are some identities related to the function.

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    i know right. I didn't quite get it but after some analysis though its easy.:) also i'm not referring to higher mathematics for this one, this was pure algebra under the laws of exponent. ah thanks for the help by the way.
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    You might want to work on your notation. According to the PEMDAS rules, that string parses as: ##( x^3 \cdot x ) + 2##
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