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How well accepted is M-Theory?

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    Lately popular science 'rags' have been selling M-theory especially after Stephen Hawking and Brian Green's recent books and tv shows.

    Just how well accepted or widely rejected is M-theory?

    Are we seeing a paradigm change or is just the media tying to sell papers?
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    I think you should consider it a hotly debated subject with defenders and detractors arguing over it.
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    It hasn't provided any experimentally verified predictions, or been otherwise experimentally supported, so scientifically speaking it is about 0% accepted :smile:

    Not rejected either, because it has not been experimentally tested.
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    I see your answer comes down to "Ahh! what is this! This is not science!" :-) But can I please ask for your opinion on the question below?

    Can anyone provide some kind of metric? Like "N% of scientists I know are working on it, vs T% of scientists punched me when I asked them about it, whereas W% are sitting on the fence"
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    Although I don't know the answer to that, perhaps you could try to search Spires for the keyword M-theory like what is done in the second post here:


    The problem is that it might not be good enough to just count the yearly number of articles that mention the keyword "M-theory".
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    This is not how science works.
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    @tom.stoer: paradigm is a religion? :-)
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