How Would a Body Die in Outer Space?

  1. I'm doing research for a sci-novel I'm writing.

    I've read various answers to this question, but, how would a human body die in outer space if it were jetisoned from a ship, with no protective suit?

    Would it freeze to death? Suffocate? Explode? All of the above?

    And what's the sequence of biological events?
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    While this is true, your lungs are no longer of any use in the few minutes you have left to live.
  5. I've heard that your blood would essentially boil, or vaporize. Is this true?
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    No. Your fluids are contained by your skin; they are not exposed directly to vacuum.
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    See also another thread: [thread=300079]This first thing that Kills a human in Space?[/thread].
  8. Thank you for the clarification.
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