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I How would weather differ on a planet with a longer day?

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    Hypothetical question that came up in World Building stack exchange.

    The question asked for what the longest reasonable day length would be.

    I thought that a 100 hour day:
    * Afternoons in what are now hot deserts would be uninhabitable.
    * Frost traps in more polar climates would be difficult.
    * Higher temperature swings would result in a huge (yuge?) afternoon thunderstorms.

    Now I started to get on thin ice.

    With a slower rotation, coriolis forces will be smaller. Would this make cyclonic storms larger?

    Would the hadley circulation change -- fewer, but larger cells. Bigger weather system that moved more slowly?

    Anyone point me to a good exometeorology simulator?
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    I though coriolis force and centrifugal force were in the same group - non-existent ficticious forces.
    The coriolis affect and centrifugal effect maybe, but not force.
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