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How would you do this equation on paper 1/2 x 26 x 10

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    How would you do this equation on paper 1/2 x 26 x 10
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    Can you elaborate more on what you're looking for?

    Do you want to solve it? Or typeset it in Latex?
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    I want to solve it. I can do it on my calculator but I want to learn how to do it on paper
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    Easy enough to do in your head, so not much effort necessary to do on paper.
    Half of 26, that much is 13;
    13 multiply by 10, append one zero digit, making 130.

    A connection or chain of just factors to make a product: multiply from left to right; also you can arrange the factors in the expression in any order.
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    This is not an equation. A clue that you're dealing with an equation is the = symbol. Furthermore, you don't "solve" an expression - you can calculate it by carrying out the operations involved in the expression.
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