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Human Technological Exploration Suit

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    I am working on a design for a human operated technological exploration suit. I have the energy supply worked out and designed to scale and tested in small scale prototype. I would like to put together a team from here to help develop this unique system for deep sea exploration. I would also like to look at a flight system, which I have already prototyped the engine for this and it is a go.
    This is not a job offer, simply an offer to be a part of possible history. No money is needed as that is covered since I am building and just looking for help in developing specific systems.
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    Welcome to PF, Ian.
    I love to get involved in things like this, but can contribute only basic ideas. Those would have to be verified or denounced by professional engineers.
    My first thought is that your primary problem for deep-sea operations will be reliable sealing of joints. A study of the JIM suit would be a good starting point in that direction. I remember that it took them a long time to work out decent arm mobility, and even then it was something of a compromise between desire and practicality.
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    Welcome to PF...

    ....Lemme get this straight: you want me to contribute free engineering to a project that will make you vastly wealthy. Why would I want to do such a thing? Sorry, a promise that you'll mention my name in an interview won't do it for me.
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    Who said anything about selling it, lol, that is crazy. lol. I am designing it myself and just wanted to know if anyone wants to join in.
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    Thanks for the real interest. I am thinking about what materials can be used in space, atmosphere, and water. Titanium would be to expensive in large quantities but still obtainable. Carbon based materials are possible to implement into the outer body of the suit. And NASA developed a plasma impact gel that could also be useful on the inner shell where the person would "sit".
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    Am I the only one thinking Iron Man???

    Flight compatible and deep sea diving? There's a reason they don't try to make submarines fly. They are at different ends of the scale when it comes to requirements.
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    Actually, there was a real flying sub, which was built about the same time as the fictional one from "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" was on the air. I remember seeing it in a PopSci article, and it might even have been the cover illustration. If memory serves, it looked quite similar to the Bell X-1, but with pontoons instead of skids.
    Anyhow, thanks for pointing out what should have been obvious to me. For some reason, I was thinking that Ian's mention of a flight system was unrelated to the suit, like some sort of support infrastructure. Engine power notwithstanding, a suit of armour is not going to fly in any controlled manner unless it's inside an aeroplane. Also, the most efficient engine system would be a peroxide rocket, which will give a maximum of 30 seconds flying time. You simply cannot carry enough fuel to exceed that.

    edit: Come to reflect upon it, I think that the sub was in Popular Mechanics rather than Popular Science. Not a biggie, but I like to maintain accuracy when possible.
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