What is Exploration: Definition and 105 Discussions

Exploration is the act of searching for the purpose of discovery of information or resources. Exploration occurs in all non-sessile animal species, including humans. In human history, its most dramatic rise was during the Age of Discovery when European explorers sailed and charted much of the rest of the world for a variety of reasons. Since then, major explorations after the Age of Discovery have occurred for reasons mostly aimed at information discovery.

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  1. phytech

    This is phytech "Who makes things happen", Thank you for having me!

    This is me, "The phytech" a new addon to the forum. Hoping to explore and learn being amidst the lovely and wonderful experienced. Thank you for having me🌠 Cheers!
  2. sbrothy

    Toward the Stars: Technological, Ethical, and Sociopolitical Dimension

    Thought this sounded exciting, if nothing else then as possible basis for a discussion. Toward the Stars: Technological, Ethical, and Sociopolitical Dimensions of Interstellar Exploration. Regards. EDIT: Corrected link.
  3. AryaKimiaghalam

    A Unsolved Problems in Near Surface Geophysics

    Hi everyone, In the past when I was doing my undergrad in physics, I sometimes looked at this page for inspiration in research. However, I was unable to find a similar one for applied geophysics. Currently, my area of research is exploration non-seismic geophysics, where the focus is on near...
  4. H

    Amazing 19th Century Ice Ejection During Northwest Passage Sail

    In the 19th century the British Navy tried to sail ships through the Northwest Passage. The main obstacle was that the wind would drive pack ice against the northern shore of Canada. No ship could withstand a large berg. The ships usually got stuck in the ice for years, leaving plenty of...
  5. H

    History Where did ancient civilizations get their supply of iron?

    Back in the 19th century British explorers came across Eskimos who were so isolated that they'd forgotten that any other humans existed. Nevertheless they had a little bit of iron that they used to put an edge on their knives. They had no trade so where did they get it? Fortunately their...
  6. benswitala

    Manned (or Staffed) space exploration

    Do the people on this forum support manned (staffed) space exploration? I would like to know? Or would we be better off with simply robots exploring space for us. What is your opinion?
  7. O

    I Uncovering the Forces on Drum Lugs: An Engineering Design Exploration

    I am currently designing an alternative to normal acoustic drum lugs and I need to find the forces that are felt by the tuning rods of a drum for the engineering background to my design. I have been able to use the 2D wave equation assuming uniform tension on the membrane and found values of the...
  8. A

    Exploration of an Artificial Universe: Properties and Behaviors

    TL;DR Summary: I'm interested in constructing an artificial universe and discussing its properties and behaviors. I would like to construct an artificial universe somewhat akin the Conway's Game of Life and discuss its behavior and properties. Is that allowed? Is this the place to do that...
  9. sophiecentaur

    GW Impact of Space Exploration

    It looks to me like no more than a huge ego trip for rich people. How much of the money spent will contribute to our knowledge of Science or Space. One image from JWST probably has more worth than the whole of this fun project. They might just as well send their money to Yemen, Ukraine or Haiti...
  10. BillTre

    Description of Titan and Potential Approaches to its Exploration

    Titan's geology (involving a lot of organic molecules) is briefly described and possible appproaches to its exploration are discussed, in this NY Times article.
  11. B

    Solving for Theta & Io: An Exploration

    I am not sure if theta will be 60 degrees or 30 degrees in this case and Io is given.
  12. Jiman

    What is the Relationship Between Time and Force in Particle Motion?

    I feel that force is also function of time.
  13. X11400

    B Rationale behind certain aspects of Space exploration

    If one were trying to look for life outside of our planet, would it be more logical to start off on Mars or to go elsewhere?
  14. H

    I Spherical Symmetry & Electron Spin: An Exploration

    Can an electron in a spherically symmetrical potential energy function have non-zero spin angular momentum?
  15. S

    Seismology and oil exploration

    Having just read Scientific America's article on the Cascade fault, I wonder if Seismology/Earthquake monitoring sensors could be used to detect fossil fuel reserves and eliminate the use of air-gun blasting that is wreaking havoc on ocean life. Can the oil companies not use naturally occurring...
  16. Prof Sabi

    What it takes to start a space exploration company?

    Hello, Hola, hajimemashite physics family, Well do you know what It takes to start a space exploration company such as making cubesats , satellites or launching vehicles? :wideeyed:o_O:woot: Give your suggestions please :oldeyes::oldbiggrin::angel: Regards.
  17. BlackholeGirl

    NASA [NASA] Cosmological projects instead of space exploration

    NASA decided to stop *WFIRST and concentrate on Mars project (send humans to Mars). What do you think about it? In my opinion, since a lot of ventures have begun space developments such as SpaceX and this proves that rockets make money, NASA should tackle WFIRST. Generally, we cannot earn...
  18. R

    Aerospace/Applied Physics for building robotic exploration vehicles

    Hello everyone, I was wondering what degree/s do the people that build all the robotic exploration vehicles have. I have a bachelor's in physics and a bachelor's in material engineering from a university outside the US. I have now moved to the US and I would like to continue my education, I was...
  19. ISamson

    The Future of Space Exploration

    Hello. As many theories and hypotheses that there are about a secure, reliable and effective future space exploration and colonisation that there are, I would like to dedicate this thread to the discussion of this topic. Some of the suggestions are: Von Neumann probes are an effective strategy...
  20. Y

    Understanding the Logic Behind KCL: An Exploration

    Homework Statement Ok so I remember learning KCL. Current is either entering or leaving the node. There's only two possible option. You can call entering the node positive or negative, you can call current exiting the node either positive or negative. As long as what you call entering the node...
  21. M

    Testing Exploring Top Physics IB IA Topics for Your Internal Assessment

    Hello, I am currently studying Physics HL in the IB Diploma Program, I am getting ready to work on the exploration internal assessment. I was wondering if there are any good topics that I should consider, thanks <3
  22. FritoTaco

    Should we invest in Mars Exploration

    I want to ask for your thoughts about Mars exploration in the current time we live in. Why do you personally think we should or should not strive to put money, time, and effort to send an astronaut to mars? My thoughts about this topic are how we should put forth our current developments and...
  23. DavideGenoa

    Proving Lorenz Gauge Choice: A Getty's Physics Exploration

    Hello, friends! My textbook, Gettys's Physics, says that the Lorenz gauge choice uses the magnetic vector potential $$\mathbf{A}(\mathbf{x},t):=\frac{\mu_0}{4\pi}\int \frac{\mathbf{J}(\mathbf{y},t-c^{-1}\|\mathbf{x}-\mathbf{y}\|)}{\|\mathbf{x}-\mathbf{y}\|}d^3y $$and the electric potential...
  24. gaaah

    I Computer exploration of fundemental constants

    Hi, I'm a retired computer programmer (of mostly business applications). I wondered if anyone could tell me if anyone has used programming to investigate the dimensionless physical/mathematical constants in a random way. By random way I mean: write a program to randomly generate an equation...
  25. hockeysam

    Studying Getting Started with Astrophysics: An Exploration for Beginners

    Hey everyone! I've been accepted into an astrophysics master's program for this fall and wanted to get a head start before classes begin. During undergrad I took several courses in astronomy/astrophysics and really enjoyed studying these topics. But the problem is that I don't know where to...
  26. J

    B Exploring Space: Unveiling the Constraints on Moon Exploration

    Following scenario: 1) Send a few rockets with large payloads to the moon, carrying various parts of a nuclear reactor to be assembled on the moon 2) Use the nuclear reactor to extract oxygen from various materials found on the moon 3) Use the power of the reactor to harvest resources for...
  27. T

    Near Lightspeed Space Exploration - Query

    I mostly just imagine stuff. For some years I've had imaginings of what might be possible if we could fire a laser like that of the N.I.F. into a magnetic field like that of the L.H.C. Recently, Hawking has announced his initiative to explore space at near lightspeed with "micro-ships"...
  28. T

    Are Hovercrafts Practical? An Exploration

    What do you guys think of this in general? Personally, it seems like there's very little to no practicality for such an interesting mode of transportation, even for people that can do/afford a trip on that. Pretty cool though, even though I also think there would be many problems to deal with in...
  29. STEMucator

    Building a PNP Cascode: A Design Exploration

    Hi everyone. I have seen the design for an NPN Cascode many times, but I want to build a PNP Cascode. I have scoured the internet for a standard design, but to no avail. The image below is that of a NPN Cascode. I want to create a PNP cascode by flipping things around. I have placed a red line...
  30. J

    Energy of Photons: An Exploration

    I was wondering about the amount of energy in Photons. Do they all have the same amount of energy? Or do they have a base amount which can increase depending on frequency or some other parameter? Also, I have read that photon photon collisions can yield positrons and electrons, both positrons...
  31. O

    Do Math Majors Need Drawing Skills? - An Exploration of Spatial IQ

    OK, ever since I was young I was well aware of my inability to draw. I had a friend who really could draw, and he did it so effortlessly. When I tried to draw, I had to erase erase and erase! I am asking this because I am a math major, and I would like to know if drawing is a talent that...
  32. EternusVia

    Does anyone work in the space industry?

    If anyone here works in the space industry, would you be willing to tell me about the most important credentials and qualities someone needs to work in your field?
  33. Tsubaki

    SpaceX Is SpaceX A Viable Option in Space Exploration?

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if this would really fit into any specific area of the site. But I guess I was just wondering your opinions on SpaceX, and private spacefaring corporations in general. I'm not even going to get into Virgin Galactic or Mars One. :P In terms of technological advancements and...
  34. craigi

    Unlocking the Mystery of Pi: A Philosophical Exploration

    Here's something that has been bugging me for decades. Well I keep forgetting about it thankfully, but I've never really been able to answer it. Why is Pi actually the value that we have for it and not some other number? If the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter was any...
  35. R

    Exploration Geophysics with a Masters in Physics

    Hello, I'm currently in my second semester of a Masters in Physics program. I hadn't given much thought to careers before I started, but now that I've been looking into them, I think I 'd most enjoy Exploration Geophysics. Is it likely that I'll find a job in it with a Masters in Physics...
  36. C

    Can Heat Engines Be Built? An Exploration

    Homework Statement a heat engine draws 200J of heat from the hot reservoir at 400K produces 110J of useful work and dumps 90J into the cold reservoir at 200K could this engine be built why or why not? Homework Equations PV=NkbT The Attempt at a Solution Not Sure on how I would set...
  37. S

    Exploration in Maths: Comparing Aircraft Dimensions for Optimal Flight Profile

    * I know this is a very long post but it would mean the world to me if you could read it. I would really appreciate it. Wll hi guys, so I'm in the final year of my IB diploma programme and in maths we have a component known as internal assessment in which you're supposed to write a so called...
  38. W

    Nature of radiation on interplanetary space exploration

    I've heard tell that a mission to the Galilean satellites is difficult for many reasons, but radiation is one of them. Is it safe to say that above all, the worst radiation is when you are landing and have landed on the surface of the Galilean satellites, because you are in Jupiter's Van Allen...
  39. H

    Uncovering the Unknown Circuit Element: An Exploration

    Hi, so I have a homework problem and I don't know how to approach. I am given a circuit, with an AC source, a resistor ( 2 Ω) and a unknown circuit element (that could be an inductor or a capacitor). I am also given a graph with the Voltage amplitud across the AC source (Which happens to be...
  40. S

    MHB The Paradox of Life: A Poetic Exploration

    The Paradox of Life A bit beyond perception's reach I sometimes believe I see that Life is two locked boxes each containing the other's key.
  41. P

    Beginning Engineering Student Exploration

    Hi, I am currently a beginning engineering student. I'm thinking mechanical engineering, but nothing is really set in stone. I am trying to spend a lot of this summer exploring different aspects of engineering and actually go out and go through the entire engineering process of designing...
  42. M

    Effects of Solar Flares on the Moon and Equiptment used for lunar exploration

    I would like to know what the effects of a solar flare would be on equiptment used for lunar exploration, say a robot to be specific. What kind effects would this have on the electrical system? I also read a NASA article describing a large solar flare that created a long enduring proton...
  43. N

    Mathematica Mathematica FindRoot exploration of parameter space

    I am solving three non-linear equations in three variables (H0D,H0S and H1S) using FindRoot. In addition to the three variables of interest, there are four parameters in these equations that I would like to be able to vary. My parameters and the range in which I want to vary them are as follows...
  44. B

    Interested in space exploration, help

    Greetings. I'm currently in the process of looking at universities worldwide (I recently won an open scholarship). It's an overwhelming task. I am fascinated with space exploration.Therefore I have naturally been attracted to Astronomy and Astrophysics, and even Aerospace Engineering. At...
  45. stevebd1

    NASA Nautilus-X - NASA's Multi-mission Space Exploration Vehicle Concept

    Some may already be aware of this but I discovered it for the first time today- http://www.spaceref.com/news/viewsr.html?pid=36068 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nautilus-X Looks like they may be testing the centrifuge on the ISS some time in 2013.
  46. S

    Should space exploration be only the developed world’s adventure?

    I had mixed feelings when the first Indian unmanned lunar mission came under sharp criticism, the most common argument was that “should a country with such a poverty rate ,malnutrition and one the lowest per capita GDP really be spending on development of such technologies that are usually done...
  47. A

    Medical Space Exploration: Reinforcing Bones with Metal Plating?

    Ok, so one problem with space is that bones lose mass, making them weak. Could one way around this (and osteoperosis on Earth) be to graft somekind of metal plating onto the bone structure to reinforce it in some way?
  48. S

    Use of Nuclear power in space exploration.

    I read that nuclear power when used for propulsion of a vehicle can be very efficient for example nuclear powered submarines and aircraft carriers can run over twenty years without refueling and can travel enormously long distances with the fission of a few kilograms of uranium,but why is this...
  49. T

    Converting Waste Heat to Electricity: An Assignment Exploration

    As an assignment i need to figure out the most efficient way to convert heat to electricity and so i searched through the internet and came across Prof. Hagelstein's work which is called semiconductor technology. In short, the technology is based on the principle of thermionics by replacing a...
  50. K

    High School Debate topic: Space development and Exploration

    I thought that the high school debate topic for 2011-2012 would be fun to share. Any thoughts on how space exploration and development of space can be implemented is appreciated. Topic: Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its exploration and/or...