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Hydraulic or pneumatic for applying loads ranging between 500-1000lb

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    Hi all

    I am finally at senior design and I am looking to use hydraulics or pneumonics to be the driver of my load application system. I have zero experience with either so need some guidance.

    The intention is to have a testing device which can apply loads around 500 -1000 pounds. in three directions. I was looking into using pressure as I can have all of them drivin off a single pump.

    I have been browsing the interent on the drawbacks of each and I was looking for more advice.

    This system has to be small. So i am looking for miniature versions of everything compressor valve switch and linear actuators (with rod locks if using pneumatic).

    any thoughts ?

    thanks in advance
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    You could technically use either, however, the hydraulic system will have a better response than the air one. Imagine pressuring up with a compressible medium - you'll have a sudden expansion in the cylinder as soon as it moves which will cause the pressure to drop rapidly. With a hydraulic medium this doesn't happen normally.

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