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  1. LoveScience

    Dialysate flow rate when pulling through a jug

    Friendly argument at work (both non physics majors) with what tube would fill up faster with a flow rate (siphon like) that remains the same through two different diameter tubes. The dialysate jug is open to atm pressure. One tube is about .5 inches in diameter and the other is .25. We were...
  2. Don Bori

    Water Tank Refilling via Hydraulic Water Pumping System

    Based on my understanding, Top Tank Refilling Advantage: Atmospheric Pressure Disadvantage: High Head (Requires more distance, thus more Work since W = f x d) Bottom Tank Refilling Advantage: Low Head Disadvantage: High Static Pressure (Requires more Force, thus more Work since W = f x d)...
  3. D

    Gerotor Torque

    How do you increase torque in gerotor design other than increasing flow. Will lengthening it increase torque? Will increasing diameter increase torque? What about running 2 or 3 in series?
  4. Arslan Siddique

    Calculation of Velocity and Shear rate in rectangular channel

    Hi everyone, I would like to know the formula for calculation of velocity and shear rate in my rectangular fluid channel. Here are the important values regarding my rectangular channel. W= 2.5 mm, H=3 mm, L=35 mm. Fluid: Diluted Bacterial suspension derived from wastewater. Flow rate: 0.125...
  5. L

    How to calculate the pressure on a piston in a damper system?

    Hello all, I'm trying to calculate the pressures exerted back on a piston by a working hydraulic fluid in a damper system. I've attached a drawing of the system and the equations I'm using. Essentially the piston motion is restricted by flow through an orifice. I have data for the flow rates...
  6. Cruzo

    PID tuning of hydraulic drives with high inertia

    Hi there. I have a question about the tuning of a PID (PI) controller in hydraulic drive trains with high inertia. I have a system with a 100kW hydraulic motor with an installed on its shaft encoder. That is how I am getting feedback from it. Not surprisingly I have a controller for acquisition...
  7. T

    Lag time in hydrograph

    Homework Statement Lag time in hydrograph means teh time of center of rainfall to center of hydrograph , according to my book . Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Since lag time can be understood by the time taken for the water to reach river , contributing to max discharge ... So...
  8. A

    Pascal's Law Problems

    Homework Statement The large cylinder in a hydraulic press has 3 times the surface area of the small cylinder. What force should be applied to the small cylinder to create a lifting force of 7200 Newtons In a hydraulic-brake system, a force of 25 N can be applied to a surface area of 5 cm^2...
  9. fando1234

    B Lifting an elephant with hydraulics

    Hey guys, I'm a super amateur at physics, but I occasionally like to calculate random problems that pop into my head. Today I was thinking about pascal and hydraulics, and wondered if I could devise a (hypothetical) hydraulic system that would allow my weight to lift an elephant. I want to...
  10. L

    Closed Loop Cooling System

    Hello! Hopefully someone here can help with this problem: I have a condenser that holds 35 gallons of water to cool the copper coil on my still. I need to know if I can create a closed loop system of cooling water that allows me to avoid running a chiller. I know that there is probably an...
  11. F

    Flow thru a channel constriction

    Homework Statement When a part of the channel is constricted , why will the Emin = Eo ? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I just have the figure showing in case 1 and case 2, Emin = Eo without any explanation ... Can someone explain about it ? I tried to search many online...
  12. C

    I What really is bandwidth?

    Hello, I am reading a book about simulation, modeling and automatic control. In a chapter about hydraulic transmission line, a pipe's "bandwidth" is mentioned. Contex: "Long pipes are used in large hydraulic installations where pipes of length up to 10 m are not uncommon. Moreover, in offshore...
  13. T

    I Bernoulli Equation Question

    Here is an illustration of something that came into my head: (also attached to question) If we do a energy balance (in terms of head) between point 1 and point 2 (ignoring friction for now, it's not really important): $$\frac{P_1}{\rho g} + \frac{v^2_1}{2g} + z_1 +...
  14. adska

    I Hydraulic engine

    What will happen with metal ball in the below picture? it will spin? if yes, when it will stop and why? I am not very faimiliar with physics, but I am sure that ball must spin :D [Broken]
  15. A

    Topic: Hydraulic Fluids in Aviation

    Hello, We all know that, in Commercial aviation, we use Hyjet (SKydrol or 500B4). and in military we use MIL-H-83282 (red oil). what are the main reasons? MIL-H-83282 has a synthetic hydro carbon base and contains additives to provide the required viscosity and anti wear characteristics, which...
  16. T

    Use of draft tube in Francis turbine to increase output

    Work output(deal) for a hydraulic machine per kg of incoming fluid is V(TANGENTIAL)*SPEED OF BLADE (assuming zero out swirl velocity. Draft tube causes static pressure ont runner outlet to fall below zero. Thus available head is increased by an amount equal to this drop. But power output from...
  17. S

    Use centrifugal pump as air pump?

    I need to deliver air up to 5 meters high. I am thinking of using pump since I can find easily (no buying anything). Is it possible to deliver air using hydraulic centrifugal pump ?
  18. Q

    Problem of a tank with trapezoidal section.

    Homework Statement A deposit of 20 feet long and 10 feet high, has a width of 8 feet at the bottom and 18 feet at the top. In the bottom is an orifice an area of 24 in2 and discharge coefficient of 0.60. If the tank is full calculate the time required for the lower level 6 feet. Consider full...
  19. Q

    Problem of a tank with a trapezoidal section

    Homework Statement In the figure are the dimensions, and the question is the time in which the take will empty Area of orifice 1 cm2 Discharge coefficient: 0.447 Gravity 10 m/s2 Homework Equations [/B] Area of surface = 8x = 8 (2 H) = 16H The Attempt at a Solution . The red lines are the...
  20. armand

    Force in Newton's 3 laws

    Hi Mentor i am in little confusing about force, according newton third law force on action and reaction is equal but according hydraulic system are not equal. Thank you for...