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Hydrogen Anion where can I get some?

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    I saw that someone had previously posted
    "Does anyone know the ionic radius of hydride(anion of hydrogen)?." But I was curious about hydrogen anion is it expensive to purchase by the gram? Or how is it collected for research and other purposes? I am trying to learn more about the negative ion's of hydrogen, H- for the next science fair. English is my second language. Thanks for any help you can give.
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    I am not an expert, but I suspect pure hydride is difficult to store, as it will lose its electron easily. So, it makes sense to produce hydride near where the hydride is going to be used.

    I have found a PDF detailing ways of producing them, some of which may be beyond your means. Nevertheless, here it is:
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    Yes. i want it to explode or fuse. Would that happen if i add cationic hydrogen, such as protonated molecular hydrogen or trihydrogen cation?
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    You clearly don't have the required knowledge to handle those things safely. We won't help you to hurt yourself.

    Hydrogen doesn't work the way you imagine here.
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