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Hydrostatic Equilibrium in General Relativity

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    Background info: Hello PhysicsForums, I'm currently a high school student in calculus and physics. I've been teaching myself Astrophysics by using the books Stellar Structure and Evolution by Springer-Verlag and Principles of Stellar Evolution and Nucleosynthesis by Clayton. I realize these are upper level books, but Astrophysics is a major hobby of mine (want to major in it..another story). I'm currently stuck on the concept of Hydrostatic Equilibrium in General Relativity....since everything has been "spherical" up to this point. I'm only in HS Calculus, but have been studying Calculus 4. What I'm stuck on is the whole differential geometry part.

    Anyways, I've asked my AP Physics teacher...he has no idea and my AP Calculus teacher knows a little bit of differential geometry. The exact part that I am stuck on is how to explain Riemann Curvature, Ricci Tensor, metric tensor, and energy-momentum tensor. Einstein's field equations are somewhat difficult as well. The book shows the steps (but is confusing) to finding the TOV equation for Hydrostatic Equilibrium in General Relativity. Unfortunately, every chapter proceeding this chapter depends on this one. So, if there is any one out there that could help explain this or knows of lecture notes on this subject, that would be appreciated.


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    Any one?
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    Thanks a lot Nabeshin....this has been bugging me for the past couple of weeks.
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