1. A

    I Mechanical system with de Broglie-like features

    Hello, I am curious if I have this correct and if it has a name. A thin walled cylinder is spinning on its axis along its length in a closed system. It begins to draw itself in converting its invariant mass to kinetic energy. In polar coordinates ##E=\gamma_\theta m c^2, L=\gamma_\theta m...
  2. DuckAmuck

    I Universe Expansion

    So the universe is expanding, and galaxies are getting farther apart from one another on average. Does this motion count the same as ordinary motion, in that if a galaxy is being expanded away from us at 0.5c, that clocks in that galaxy would appear to tick slower at 0.866 the rate of clocks here?
  3. S

    I Confused by nonlocal models and relativity

    Hello everyone! Recently I saw this paper: ("Any nonlocal model assuming “local parts” conflicts with relativity " by Antoine Suarez). He mentions standard experimental configuration with beam-splitters and detectors. Then he distinguishes possible models...
  4. SJay16

    B How well should Astronomers know General Relativity?

    I know that it would vary depending on the type of research a specific astronomer would be doing ( Astrophysics/Cosmology research versus an Astronomer researching exoplanets ) ; but in your opinion, “how much” or “how well” should an Astronomer with a graduate degree in Astronomy know General...
  5. B

    I Problems with Einstein's 1920 "Relativity"

    Hi, I have been reading and watching a lot of physics lately but I have come across this problem. I have the basics of special relativity down, and it all seems clear to me. This is not in question to me. For example, I am reading a book on string theory by Brain Greene, and in it he covers...
  6. B

    I Issue With Derivation of Gravitational Time Dilation

    Why do we use the equation ##\frac {1}{2}mv^2 = \frac {GmM}{r}## to derive potential velocity, and then put that in the Lorentz factor in order to derive gravitational time dilation? Shouldn't we be using the relativistic definition of kinetic energy -> ##mc^2(\gamma - 1)## to derive the...
  7. N

    How can the time dilation equation explain faster moving clocks running slower?

    Since for the two events of Samir starting the stopwatch, and the stopwatch reaching 10.0s, Samir and his stopwatch are stationary from his own frame of reference, I said it was the proper time and that delta t0 = 10s. Then the speed of the moving frame of reference was 0.6c. I thought placing...
  8. Hawkingo

    I Can this event vary relatively?

    Suppose we take a charged particle and a magnet and place them at some particular distance apart .Now let's take 2 frame of reference. [the charged particle and the magnet are in rest with respect to each other through out the whole event]{both of the frames are inertial} frame(a): this frame...
  9. Zack K

    B How did Einstein come up with the thought of a space fabric?

    I've always wondered how we came to come up with such an idea. Was he one day sitting around and thinking, then made a random assumption and go "ah hah!". Or did his idea come up through his calculations on the nature of how gravity should cause interaction? Is their a literal fabric of space...
  10. J

    I Relativistic Reference Frames and the Big Bang?

    Peeling this out into its own thread for clarity: How is time dilation of extreme reference frames (photons, black holes, intergalactic space-time) taken into account in Big Bang cosmology? Since from the POV of a singularity or a photon, their clocks have effectively stopped and any lower...
  11. A

    I Paradox: Rocket ship moving in a circle

    Say there is a circular fence that has a diameter of 10 meters, and a rocket ship that is normally 20 meters goes very quickly so that its relativistic length is 1m from the position of an observer standing at rest with relation to the fence. The rocket ship starts to go in a circle inside the...
  12. Zack K

    B Satellite clocks

    Something that crossed my mind recently; I know that satellites have to adjust their clock due to their relativistic time variations in relation to us. I was wondering do they adjust their times in accordance to general relativity or special relativity or both? Or is their speed so insignificant...
  13. Zack K

    Distance of a Point Charge

    1. Homework Statement You make repeated measurements of the electric field ##\vec E## due to a distant charge, and you find it is constant in magnitude and direction. At time ##t=0## your partner moves the charge. The electric field doesn't change for a while, but at time ##t=24## ns you...
  14. Luke Tan

    I Varying The Relativistic Action

    In his book, Landau mentioned varying the relativistic lagrangian However, I do not understand how he got from varying the integral of ds to varying only the contravariant components. Would the general procedure not be varying $$\delta S = -mc\delta\int_a^b\frac{dx_idx^i}{\sqrt{ds}}$$ and...
  15. B

    I Acceleration Versus Gravity (General Relativity)

    Hi, It is usually claimed that a person in an accelerating elevator with an acceleration equals to the gravity of the earth; this person cannot make any experiment that makes him know whether he is in the elevator or on the surface of earth. However, if this person project two light beams...
  16. astroman707

    Physics Is gravitational wave research a smart direction to go in?

    Is it a fair prediction to state that in the next several years or so, globally, there will be major investments into gravitational wave research, and many more ‘LIGOs’ being developed? Is it a good idea to venture into that area of physics?
  17. E

    B What would the universe be like with less mass and energy?

    So I have sort of a conceptual question about the big bang and gravity. Imagine yourself in a universe, in which existed about the number of particles/energy in a 3X3 metre room at any given moment. This universe has the same laws of physics, constants and is identical in every way to our...
  18. R

    I Relativity and Electromagnetism

    Hello, There is a common setup used when describing the intimate relationship between electricity and magnetism. I have a question about the setup. Setup: There is some long current-carrying wire. Outside of that wire, there is some test charge. In the first situation, the test charge is...
  19. Mr C Odd

    Time dilation in a magnetic field

    Hi all. I was wondering if time is dilated whilst travelling in a stable magnetic field that is generated by the object travelling, and if so, does this vary if you reduce or intensify the magnetic field? Also, what happens if the object is generating two opposing magnetic fields, would...
  20. Amanuel

    I How to calculate the energy in gamma photons

    how do I calculate the energy of to photons moving in the opposite direction. starting from the same origin.
  21. MeAndMyLucidLife

    Relative speed of two photons

    1. Homework Statement What is the speed of a photon with respect to another photon if: the two photons are going in the same direction. they are going in opposite direction? 2. The attempt at a solution I think the answer to the first question should be zero and to the second one be 2xC...
  22. Cryo

    A Electromagnetism for media in arbitrary motion

    Hello To develop one interesting idea I need to be able to do calculations on (1) scattering of light from bodies in arbitrary motion, possibly at relativistic speeds; (2) Propagation of light in electromagnetic media that are in arbitrary motion (possibly relativistic). For example, I would...
  23. P

    I GPS relativity error - really?

    There are many popscience articles about relativity and how relativity is essential for GPS and in many is mentioned something like this: If GPS wasnt corrected for time dilation predicted by GRT, there would be an error of 12 kilometers in GPS positioning per day. But when I checked how GPS...
  24. J

    I Difference between an electromagnetic field and a photon?

    So I'm kind of confused. The way I understand it, an electromagnetic field is just a regular electric field viewed from a relativistic point of view, meaning that since we see the charges moving relative to us, we feel like the particles and the fields created by them come closer together (I...
  25. J

    I Light's speed and relativity

    If you were to travel alongside a train, as fast the train, to you the train would seem stationary. I read that if you were to travel along a photon of light, as fast as the speed of light, that photon would not seem stationary. Is this true? If so, why?
  26. M

    B High tower

    The earth rotates around its own axis within 24 hours. Theoretically, if at the equator perform a tower with a height - H, ignoring its effect on the slowdown of the Earth's rotation (we assume that the material of low density), objects and other complications, at a certain height, the linear...
  27. F

    I Reconciling two observers in two frames

    I am not a physicist—not even close—just a guy who, for some crazy reason, decided to try to understand some of the basics of relativity. I’d like to understand them well enough to be able to explain them (correctly) to another lay person. I’m trying to see how much I could explain without...
  28. T

    I Relativity Confirmed Again

    A star and a black hole again confirm Relativity.
  29. platosuniverse

    B How can any physical body truly be at rest?

    Can we truly have a rest frame or should it be a close to rest frame? Even if I'm stationary and sitting on my porch and the observer in the car passing is moving, I'm still not at 0 velocity. The earth is moving at 67,000 mph and the galaxy is moving at 250,000 mph. I'm never in a single...
  30. Osvaldo

    I Circle tangential velocity approaching c

    When a merry go rounds tangential velocity approach c, and horses look closer than when at rest, what is reduced, angular velocity or radius?