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I am a hungry sponge, "Feed me" said the aviator....

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    Hello friends! Retired/disabled Army aviator, call me Gibbs, or whatever you would like as long as its not offensive!

    I have a fair amount of free time, so I have taken to learning about things that I want! Its funny, all throughout my education, I learned what I was told to learn. Now, learning is exciting and a hell of a lot of fun when you get to choose the topic instead of selecting from a pool of topics you may not be interested in.

    Some of the things I'm chasing now; magnetism (seriously, how awesome is anything magnetic field related), steganography, code breaking, pulse motors, learning a lot about encryption and decryption.

    I have chosen to do it the difficult way of course, rather than learn coding or scripting, I have been doing everything by paper and pen, or .txt files or spreadsheets. OOOOOH how much simpler would it be if I could program (working on it). Also, the subject I never liked in school. Math, I was soooo bad at it. It just never clicked, then about 2 years ago, I read something that all of a sudden had me look at it in a completely different way.

    I read "Mathematics is a language". May be silly to you, but I never looked at it that way, I always looked at it as regurgitating what I just read and only using rote memorization to solve problems instead of focusing on understanding it first, and that there are so many different solutions to the same problems.

    But unlike now, when I was a teen in school, I knew everything. Now I realize I knew nothing then and only slightly more now. I have been able to solve "some, not a lot " complex problems that I never had any idea I could do. Then at other times, I'll be completely stonewalled by something so simple that it takes me days or longer to finally approach it in the right way, only to find it was so easy its embarrassing that I got my arse handed to me by it.

    But that's how it goes. I also game, because I like it. If you made it this far, hopefully you were more entertained than disappointed! Looking forward to some learning! Oh teach me great ones!
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    Welcome to the PF, Gibbs. And thank you for your service in the Army. :smile:
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