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I am looking for a modeling software.

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    I am looking for a software that can build models and can imitate the
    action of that model.
    The model will be made out of rubber-bands, cog-wheels, weights and more...

    anyone knows of such a software?

    it is very important...

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    If you can program then it wouldd be lot's of fun to make one yourself:)
    other than that i don't think that i've ever seen something like that on the internet - maybe there's some engineering software you can use.
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    ........ just so am around the same ballpark, you're looking for a software to model behavior of mechanisms? Do you want to link it to something like stress analysis etc. ?
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    Have you seen the "Microsoft Physics Illustrator" as listed on the blog
    https://www.physicsforums.com/blog/2006/05/20/tabletpcs-for-science-and-science-teaching/ [Broken] ?
    (follow the links to see how to use it on a non-TabletPC)
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    Matlab is the best.
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    Also you can try WorkingModel, it's fun.:rofl: http://www.design-simulation.com/" [Broken]
    But as stated, if you have some time to learn Matlab, consider doing it.
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    robphy, I couldn't find the explenation abouthow to use it on non-tabletPC.
    can you be more specific?

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    http://www.delphi3d.net/links.php?category=11 [Broken]
    http://www.morrowind-mod.com/Modders Resources Free 3D Model Sites & Modeling Programs.htm

    Probably the easiest is anim8or. I'd say its probably definitely the smallest. (wings is pretty small). I've played with anim8or a lil, and gmax is more powerful, and easier to work with, but it cant export very easily. Both are my top 2 fav's if you dont count the ones you have to buy, like 3d studio max.

    Hope this helped...

    Try anim8or.
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