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I am looking for free symbolic math

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    i am looking for a free symbolic maths program like mathematica or maple. of course with less functionalities if it is free. but i don't need much apart from integration, series, and maybe a bit of matrix algebra. simple, small and light.

    can't find it with google yet. do you know any?

    btw i am a student. no money for buying mathematica.
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    try macsyma
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    Yes, as imabug has mentioned, you can use Maxima, it's pretty simple to use, and can do most things you need.
    If you want to work in a nicer environment, you can try to run Maxima under TexMacs or wxMaxima :)
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    oh right...macsyma was the old version, wasn't it.
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    matt grime

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    GAP. (some extre symbols to fill up 10 char requirement.)
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    GAP (Groups, Algebra, Programming) is a cool program, although it's pretty focused -- it's all about abstract algebra & combinatorics, as far as I can see. It's not as general as Maxima (which is admittedly focused more on analysis).

    For number theory there's not a whole lot in the way of symbolic packages, but PARI/GP and UBASIC are common (though more like calculators/programming languages than symbolic manipulation packages).
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