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I Know Why We Will Never Come Across A Wormhole

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    WORMHOLES EXIST AND DONT EXIST they exist and can be accessed, but the postulate and justification on a wormhole is in a 3-d visual. in a 4-d visual- which our universe is, the curvature of a single space-time object will have its own curvature spot. on a 4-d scale. i cant visually show it because i dont know how 4-d looks like and i dont think any1 knows soo please try to coop uo and understand this
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    I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. When you see a "picture" of a wormhole yes it's a 3-d representation, but anyone formulating theories about them knows it is scaled up a dimension. I'm not sure, but are you saying that because of this 3-d simplification, the 4-d analog is incorrect?
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    Hey guys, this is my first post so pls be kind, think I found a cosmology forum that isnt too littered with equations to put me off (any other good forums u suggest guys?)

    As for Wormholes... I read they could potentially exist within a black hole somewhere away from the central singularity.

    As for 4-d euclidean representation... how on earth (haha) are we meant to visualize this... the human mindset is in 3d.

    I can't see how an astronaut could "use" a wormhole to travel across spacetime, as they would be ripped to pieces at the event horizon right? Anything entering a black hole is just converted into mass and rotation of the hole itself?

    I can only imagine massless particles using wormholes... and if light cant even escape the event horizon how could a photon "escape" the blackhole by using a wormhole within it.

    Pls explain :eek:)
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