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I made a mistake on Professor's Name, what should I do?

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    I sent an E-mail to my professor Kaufmann, but I made a mistake on his name. I typed Kaufman, not Kaufmann. What should I do?
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    I'm usually one to worry about many small things in my life. This question, is what I call preposterous.
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    People make mistakes. It's not like you didn't know his name, you just made a typographical error. He probably won't even notice it in all honesty.
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    he will actually probably hate you forever :)
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    If I were your prof, you just failed the class.
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    OK, a serious answer: this happens all the time. A brief email apologizing for the typo will help him think of you as conscientious rather than careless.
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    This is just a miss-spelling mistake, take it easy, it happens. It's not like miss-naming your prof, right! Ask me, I know. :biggrin:
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