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I need a post/image of mine removed

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    I won't go into details, but i need a photo deleted from a topic i made, where i included my solution to an assignment question. Who can help me with this?
    I private messaged Greg Bernhardt but he hasn't replied to me.
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    It looks like your photo and thread have already received replies. We have a policy of not deleting things in threads when they have been discussed.

    Greg is out of the office for a bit. That's why you haven't heard back from him.
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    ^^That's alright i guess. The assignment was due friday, so it doesn't matter anymore. I'm just kinda worried that some idiot may have copied my exact solution (since some other idiot posted a link to the topic in our newsgroup for the subject a day before it was due), and the university takes plagiarism very seriously, but then again i still have proof that it was my work.
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