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I need a valve for the quick release of air, help please?

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    im not sure that this is the correct category, or even the correct forum, but im sure someone will answer my question,

    i am intending to build an airgun, which uses a bicycle pump to build up pressure inside a treacle tin (hahaha), and i need a valve, so that when i have compressed the air enough, i will open the valve and the air will come out, but the problem i am having is, a normal valve, doesnt release the air quick enough so it doesnt push the projectile out of the barrel quickly enough, so what i am needing is a valve which can be opened fully, quickly.

    please help, thanks in advance, alf
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    study the release of a co2 canister, in a flip way it is much like a balloon with a pin hole in it
    turning it off is a whole other problem really your problem is not so much air speed its resevoir of propulsion or elongation of blast much like the old air daisy bb guns study that mechanism
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    please reply!

    i need to know please.

    please help me.
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    I did an experiment for quick release of compressed air.
    Believe or not, the best valve i found that was cost effective was an ordinary
    RainBird irrigation valve. These are designed for high water pressures.
    These are electrically opened, this released all of the air until the pressure dropped to a certain point. I used the 1" model.
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    thanks for your help, sorry i didnt reply sooner, i shall try one of those :) thanks again.
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    i'll see if i can find a picture and post it to photobucket
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    Like bob671 said a good irrigation valves works fine. There should be some examples of this type of setup over on spudfiles.com.
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    thanks for all of your help :)
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    thanks for all of your help, i greatly appreciate it :)
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