I need some good bargaining techniques

  1. I recently bought an ODE text (Fundamentals of Diff Eqtns - Nagle 8ed) a few days ago. The book came and it was the wrong edition (6ed). I contacted the seller and now he is willing to return a portion of my money

    He mentioned at the end that "I think refund a portion of your money would be easiest. I don't need the textbook for anything so at least you can get some use out of it. The text cost me 18$ to post. How much is it worth to you?"

    I paid $86 (including mailing fee) for the book, how much should I bargain to get the most out it for my book?
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  3. How did you buy it? A mention of "negative feedback" (or on the flip side, a promise of positive feedback if the situation is resolved satisfactorily) can work sometimes. Of course, this is assuming you bought it from eBay or Amazon or the like.
  4. No I am willing to keep it, but I just want it cheaper. I kinda accidentally gave him a + feedback. Because I didn't even realize it was the 6ed (the cover looks EXACTLY the same)
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    Did you buy it off ebay?
  6. No I bought it from Amazon
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    I'm confused. You paid for it, but it's not what you wanted. But you want to keep it, you just want it cheaper. How is that the seller's problem?
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  8. Amazon has some sort of promisary (sp?) agreement with their sellers. You could get a full refund + shipping cost if you wanted.
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    If you don't want it, return it for a refund. If you do want it, keep it and stop trying it on.
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